Tuesday, May 12, 2009


my simply elegant friend june houck has given me a rather wonderful blogging award, it's called the gift of love. since june is one of my oldest and dearest online friends, and has always been particularly generous with her friendship and support, this is especially cool and meaningful to me! thank you june, for all you do!

he's cute, he's furry, he brought flowers.

in the spirit of reciprocation, i figured it was only right to make a little award of my own that i could offer back to june and the rest of my blogging friends, old and new. i call it the gift of lust. here it is now:

he's cute, he's furry, he doesn't need the flowers.

so if you're reading this, and in the mood to get an award, please accept one of the above! enjoy them separately, or together...pass them along, or keep them all for yourself! but no matter what you do today, be sure to have a very...

happy tuesday, darlings!


  1. If it is all the same to you I shall keep that last one for myself, kay?

  2. Well..... to be honest... mind if I take the last one..... can use some yummy stuff, been awake since 5 am..... LOL

    Have a great day!

  3. I almost fell out of my swivel chair from laughing so hard!!! Thank you for that :)

  4. All right... I'm coming out of my lurkdome for this one!!

    LOVE that warm fuzzy award! The handsome dude one!

    I really like this idea!! Ever so 'smart'!!!


    Had to leave a comment - you really know how to add a smile to a girl's morning.

    I'll take the second one please :-)

  6. I love James Bond! DC is not my fave though! Pierce is my fave! So I think I will make an award with PB!

  7. so cute!! ... i guess i am the only one (so far) who prefers the bear (i like facial hair, but only on teddy bears and puppies and stuff).... sorry, dear!! :))))

  8. How DID you get a picture of my hubby?


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