Saturday, May 30, 2009

two cats in one week??!?!

yeah i know, i've been quite shockingly neglectful, for which i apologize. i've just finished a very large, rather complicated (& MASSIVELY time-consuming) project for the next caardvarks challenge (which will feature a special sponsor & some rather fancy items from the DT, so tune in june 5th, folks!) and it has pretty much meant that this week was a washout for any other creative endeavors.

on the other hand, this photo from i can has cheezburger TOTALLY cracked me up the other day. i think it's the spelling. if they had just typed the ordinary words, it would still be funny...but somehow the "kitteh speak" almost seems to give the cute little guy a voice, rather than just a caption. plus, seriously, how can you look at that little face and NOT smile?!

i do hope all of YOUR "moovin roks" turn out to be turtles!

happy weekend, darlings!


  1. That is too cute...and we gotta wait until the 5th???? I don't like these teases!

    I am so glad you finished, though...must be satisfaction in having it done :)

  2. These absolutely cracked me up :D

  3. Enneebuddee??

    Haha ha ha ha!

    Too cute!

  4. This one totally cracked me up too! Can't wait to see what you've come up with for the 'varks...sounds super exciting!!!

  5. I want that kitten. I need that kitten. Awwwwww.


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