Wednesday, May 13, 2009

all hail, opus gluei! :)

ever since i met my lovely new blogging friend rosemary, i have been longing to do one of the challenges on the fun site she runs with her friend jana, ORDER OF THE OPUS GLUEI. (where the motto is: adhevium funnum!) the other night i finally had a "window of opportunity" and i dodged over there, hoping i'd be in time for the current theme. and i was! and it's a goodie!

challenge #8: IN REACH

Use what is visible at this moment. Don’t reach into any drawers or cabinets. Just turn and look around you at this moment in time. Reach out and grab what you see. Use it in this week’s project.

ok, so lemme see if i've got this right: you get to make any type, size, or theme of papercrafting're meant to use the stuff that's all over your work table and in your junk bowl, rather than clean it up??!? does this challenge scream, "LAUREN" or what??! :)

i had a BLAST with this, partially because at the moment i am so stressed and overbooked that i have not had any extra time lately for "art play". and see, it turns out, in my case..."art play" is NOT a luxury. (note to self: MAKE time!!!) i had a whollllllllllllle bunch of clutter on my table...including a couple of pre-covered atc's, already cut-out stamped images, punched shapes and paper i was spoiled for choice!

i started out with a monsta atc. when in doubt, i go with monstas, cupcakes or birds. there were no cupcakes or birds on my table, so the choice was clear:

(page from a japanese workbook & text from a children's story; monsta & heart stamps by gina cunningham, tyggereye art; sassafras cloud stamp; colorbox inks; tombow marker)

the other blank atc card had a map on it, so why not add the eiffel tower, eh? (technically, it's a map of moscow, but let's not get bogged down with silly details!)

(pages from a russian atlas & a french dictionary; hero arts stamp; prima flower; doodlebug sequin; mambi gem; colorbox & ranger inks)

lately i am loving the *negative* shapes left when i use my paper punches; this butterfly was just the right size to go in the 1 1/2" scallop frame. i mounted the "window" on foam tape for a little more dimension. i don't know what i will do with the result, but it's kind of cute, right?

(making memories patterned paper; core'dinations cardstock; marvy butterfly & scallop square punches; zig pen)

for the last one, i cheated just a teeny bit; the folded scrapling-sized transparency was not on my table, but everything else was, and when i remembered i had it i snuck to my scrap file and grabbed it up.

(hambly transparency; scrapbook wizard & craft secrets patterned paper; hero arts stamp & gem; gin-x coaster; colorbox ink; zig pen)

thank you rosemary and jana for a fun evening--i'll be back! :)


  1. YAY!!!! All hail the paperholic in you! I love these projects and yes, you got the idea of Opus-Gluei, make it fun and make it your own. You don't even have to use paper for our projects - we love to see any medium you wish to work in.

    That said, great projects - I love your monstas and I'm always blown away by the layers and intriguing touches you put into your work. I can look at them and love them and then look again and say, hey I didn't see that background before!

    Again, YAY for visiting and YAY for playing! (and no, I haven't had any caffeine this morning - why do you ask?)

  2. I am alone in my house, sitting on my bed reading your blog, instead of getting ready for work, and I LOVE your monsta! He made me laugh - loudly - like the neighbors prob wonder wuz up? YOU know how to "reach" girlie! He is FABULOUS - for REAL. And who knows? Maybe the Eifel Tower really IS in Moscow? I'm just sayin...

  3. Well sista, you definitely made time for "art play"...chock full of fun here!!! I love them ALL!!! You know me, I love your monstas...and I love butterflies...and transparencies and anything parisian...soooo there you them ALL!

  4. Oh, what a fun challenge! And sooooo perfect for me, as I do not put anything away until the Clean Sweep. I loooove the blue and green monsta, of course. ;-)

  5. Just adore these! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. oooh I luv the lil monsta best!

  7. these are awesome! and thanks for the heads up on the challenge site! re: your comment re: my post... no crisis, other than the move = changes (again!!)... but more of a self-reflection/ awareness/ growth...and i just generally like that kind of stuff :))) thanks for the concern though!! xo

  8. Wow, look at you go! These are all completely fabulous and utterly Laurenlicious! Love them!

    (-: Heidi

  9. I am in love with your work. Your monstas are freakin adorable. I am lovin how you charged head first, or rather arms out, into this challenge. Thanks for joining us at the Order of the Opus Gluei.

  10. Ya know, I'm lovin' this monsta even more more today! I just had to yell ya ... since I'm here and all.


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