Friday, June 23, 2017

stars and/or stripes

the new challenge starts at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ today, and since this fortnight encompasses july 4th, we thought we'd give a nod to the holiday and ask to see cards which feature stars, or stripes, or... if you're me... both! :)

patterned paper: my mind's eye, fancy pants; glitter paper: american crafts pow; pearl brad, star washi and gold washi: eyelet outlet; poinsettia flowers: michaels; snowflake punch: fiskars; snowflake chipboard: my minds eye; glossy white kromekote cardstock: the paper cut; 

i thought about going all out "4th of july meets xmas"... (and i still might do that, next week!) ...but what changed my mind was the fact that i have this amazingly lovely new eyelet outlet star washi tape that i've been dying to use on a card! since the watercolor-ish stars on the tape are in gorgeous shades of blue and purple, that helped me narrow down my paper choices. in the end, i went with two that are not especially christmassy, but i love how they look together and this is the PERFECT card for my friend kate, who doesn't celebrate any particular holiday in december, except maybe the solstice. a stack of flowers and snowflakes, a beautiful oversized pearl brad, some skinny gold stripe washi and i called it a day!

stephanie has a fab card to show you, so why not hop over and see that right now at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping!

Specifically *SHOE SHOPPING* ...although I (Lauren) have never seen real shoes that were quite as cute as these Eyelet Outlet Shoe and Purse Brads! Which is why I had to make two cards to feature them!

Once again, I've made my own patterned paper to act as a sort of springboard for the design. In this case, I filled a full sized 8.5x11" page with the phrase, "If the shoe fits... buy it!" in 12point Tabitha font. I printed it out first as ordinary black text on a white background. Then I decided to see if the reverse would be cool (yep!) so I set the font color to white and the background color to black, and printed a page of that, as well, so I could mix and match!

Both cards feature the same black, white and pink palette, to match the aforesaid Shoe and Purse Brads. Each packet has 4 shoes, 4 purses and 4 super-cute shopping bags, which you can see sitting next to the cards in the top photo. On the black card, to make the accent strip and focal image pop even more, I added tiny, skinny mats of Glitter Black Washi Tape. 

I hope you will be inspired to make a little shopping trip of your own, right on over to the Eyelet Outlet Store; or check the right-hand sidebar to find out when the Eyelet Outlet booth is coming to a trade show near you. Either way, you'll find allllllllll kinds of goodies that I know you'll ♥LOVE♥!

can be found here every week, 
right after her Wednesday partner, Miss Carri!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

in the (GAH!) pink

this week's challenge at shopping our stash is hosted by miss donna, and here is what she bids us to do:

Challenge 308 - June 20 - Think Pink 
June 23rd is National Pink Day
I know Leslie would have LOVED this challenge, as she rolled her eyes! 
(Use the color pink predominately on your project!)

okey dokey, missus. for the record, you had me at "PINK"! ♥♥♥

patterned paper: echo park, american crafts (amy tangerine and dear lizzy), glitz design, sei, authentique; stickers: doodlebug, fancy pants, echo park, amy tangerine; flamingo brad and washi tape + palm tree brad plus paper flowers: eyelet outlet; 

my apologies to anyone who lives in the northeastern united states and wanted to participate in this challenge. because unfortunately, that may prove impossible, seeing as how i've used ALL the pink embellishments. every. single. one. sorry about that! ;)

be sure to check out all the awesome PINK goodness from the design team at SOS!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

3x5... x6

what's that? you wish there were half a dozen funky new ICADs to look at since my last update? well, that's handy, because LOOK what i've got right here:

day 12: wings
any excuse to make a tiny colorburst painting, that's my motto! 
(i'm secretly kinda really pleased with the shading on this... just sayin'...)

day 13: echo/repeat
this makes more sense for the prompt if you realize that to me, these kind of look like the soundwave graphics on those equalizer thingies that everyone had in the 80's. but mostly, i found a link i'd saved to maud vantours' "oscillations" series and became instantly re-obsessed with them; so i probably would've made this fit whatever the prompt was, lol.

day 14: leaves
so i was doodling on green vellum envelope that was sitting on my desk...
(in retrospect, i think i added too many collage layers to this at least for it to be a 3x5 index card; however i reserve the right to revisit this idea on a bigger scale and add EVEN MORE stuff to it!)

day 15: starburst
because all you really NEED for ICAD is a pen and some index cards!!!!!
(ps: this is made from all the weird little offcuts leftover from making the 3D tetrahedron!)

 day 16: rainbow
this is my first attempt at a freestyle, handcut mandala... by which i mean that i didn't draw the outlines first, just tacked on each successive layer to the back, then went at it with the scissors. not a lot of variation, but not bad, considering... pretty sure you'll see more like this! ;)

day 17: sprout
kind of a cheat, but it was getting late and i had lots of pink and green flowery bits leftover from another project i'm working on...

wishing you a happy father's day if you're celebrating, or just a really pleasant sunday with hopefully a bit of creative fun in store! ♥

Friday, June 16, 2017

cookies FROM santa?!

we're still rockin' the layers at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ so any holiday theme, products or colors will do, provided you have at least three layers! i've got a few extras, tho! see?

cookie, baking and cooking brads: eyelet outlet; santa sticker and twine: doodlebug; patterned papers: we r memory keepers, pebbles, october afternoon, making memories, anna griffin, glitz design; journal card: echo park; bingo card (digital version): jenni bowlin; glossy white cardstock: the paper cut; tiny doily: recollections; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape

ok, so, i've been wanting to make a card featuring those awesome eyelet outlet cookie brads, and when i saw the current atlantic hearts sketch (#216), that little circle element just screamed, "plate of cookies!!!" to me.

i had intended the cookies to be those we traditionally leave out for santa on christmas eve, but then i remembered the EO baking brads (which also come with muffin tins) and cooking brads (which are paired with the cutest little saucepans) and the next thing i knew, santa was making cookies for us! well, i guess he has to do something in the "off season" right?! :)

stephanie also has a gorgeous layery creation to show you, why not hop over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and see that right now, darlings! help yourself to cookies first, though! ♥

Thursday, June 15, 2017

ICAD, u-cad, let's all CAD! :)

because index cards are ♥AWESOME♥ dontcha think? ok, sorry, that's a silly question, isn't it? here's another little clump of cards i added to my book this week:

 day 7: off prompt
this one's an "i was stumped" two-fer: couldn't think what to draw, so i went with "mandala"; couldn't decide on a color scheme, so i opted for "rainbow". if the default settings ain't broke, why would i fix them?! :)

day 8: paint chips
punched into hexie shapes. with teeny tiny dictionary illustrations on top.

day 9: ombre
i had this awesome idea about compiling a gradient composed of the different patinas of various bits of vintage paper. i may have very slightly underestimated A) how much range there is and B) how much vintage paper i own. so it wound up being made on three cards that i taped together, a fact which is hard to tell in this tiny montage. there's a bigger pic on instagram.
(on the other hand, i still love this idea and have plans to expand it at a more collage friendly size, that doesn't need eyelet outlet washi tape hinges in order to make it fold up into 3x5 card size!!!)

day 10: sunshine yellow
this collage was ENTIRELY yellow until the very very end when i added the b&w flower illustration, which you'd think would dilute the yellow-ness, but actually it intensifies it. ...interesting...

day 11: tetrahedron
don't bother googling, i'll tell you right now that a tetrahedron is also known as a triangular pyramid; it's officially described as a dimensional form whose four identical and equilateral triangular planes can be composed of four identical and equilateral triangles. i know that for a fact, because i had to look it up on wikipedia, too! and then, of course, i had to use my tiny sliver of new-found knowledge and prodigious non-engineering skills to build a 3D tetrahedron out of neon index cards. obviously. (fyi: in this very silly story you will seriously find EVERY SINGLE THING you need to know about me, lol! 
(PS: if you want to see this "in action" there's a flipagram on my IG page! bc if you spend time building a dimensional tetrahedron out of neon index cards, you probably wouldn't want to post JUST ONE photo of it!!!)

there's loads more info about the index card a day project at daisy yellow art, including links to the facebook and instagram populations. and no... it's NOT TOO LATE TO START if you want to! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

To the Lighthouse

Father's Day in the US is Sunday --which arguably makes it a little late to just be starting on cards, lol-- but let's face it, sometimes it's the last minute or nothing, right? And for that matter, I never turn down a masculine card idea at ANY time of year, especially one that can be made by combining some of my favorite styles of Eyelet Outlet Brads which, coincidentally, is what I've posted on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today!

For this not quite 6x6" card, I painted a tiny watercolor using some of my favorite shades of ColorBurst pigment powders, then framed it by cutting a heart-shaped hole in some sea-themed dictionary paper backed with cardstock. I attached the brads (which I'll list and link to in a minute!) to the frame, then popped the edges up around the opening using tiny slivers of foam tape. But before I started piercing a million holes in my frame, I did a "dry fit" by flattening the prongs a bit and laying the brads on to estimate how many I'd need; while also checking color, size and arrangement. Then I took a quick pic on my phone, so I'd have something to follow when I started attaching them for real. 

So which varieties did I choose? Well, I've got some very handsome Trout and Bass Brads, as well as lots of Stars in assorted colors (each pack has shiny gold, patina-ed silver and copper); Seagulls seemed like a great choice for the lighthouse theme, and of course every good sailor needs a Compass. I hadn't originally thought of using Sketched Owl Brads, but they're so lovely and the colors worked perfectly! After I assembled the main panel, I added a decorative band of Cruise Washi Tape, flanked by two strips of Brown Skinny Glitter Tape, and mounted the entire thing to a folded card in a coordinating shade of teal. 

Sending lots of good wishes to all the dads out there for a very Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

happy mail!

this week's challenge at shopping our stash is called "happy mail" and can be interpreted in multiple ways: envelopes, writing letters, etc... or mail-related or letter-writing supplies/ papers/ stamps. or possibly a typewriter, an alphabet joke and some texty/lined papers??!

patterned papers: october afternoon, american crafts, basic grey, sei, teresa collins; foam thickers in 2 styles: american crafts; glossy white cardstock: the paper cut; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape

here's a shocking true confession for ya: i looooooove the look of tall cards. every time i make a tall card, i think to myself, "i love tall cards! i should make more tall cards! why don't i make tall cards more often?" and then i have to photograph them and it all comes back reallllllllllllllllly quickly. so yeah. please to consider this both my first tall card IN a while, and my last tall card FOR a while. kthx.

but seriously, i do think it came out well; and additionally i got to use up loads of older stash, which is the ENTIRE POINT of SOS, actually! speaking of which... i happen to know there's load more inspiration awaiting you from my DT darlings, so off you go to check it out! ♥

Saturday, June 10, 2017

week one is done!

week one of ICAD2017, that is. which you can read all about, via FAQs, completely optional prompt lists, etc at daisy yellow art! for the last couple of years, i've found that what works best for me --logistically-- is to post the cards on instagram each night as i make them, then do a round up here, like once a week. and it does seem like that is going to be true again this year. so here's the first installment, in blog form:

day 1: sunrise
i had two ideas for this: a pretty literal colorburst watercolor sunrise painting AND a sunrise-inspired mandala... so i combined them. the latter is on a clear tabbed index card divider... 

...which swings aside to reveal the former, on a white tabbed index card. 
best of both worlds!

day 2: lost and found
my philosophy is: when in doubt, do a one-staple collage, lol! ok, yes, i'm somewhat kidding, but since i tend to ICAD late at night, i do have certain "default settings" upon which i can fall back if i haven't come up with a specific idea during the day. one-staple collage is one of them. mandala-vaguely-incorporating-the-day's-theme is another. because with a daily art project, the one thing you can totally count on is that you will not have the same amount of time, energy and inspiration every single day. so rather than derail yourself with overwhelming expectations, make a list of inspirations as and when you think of them, then make it your goal to work on one idea each night. don't worry about finishing, or if it's any "good" at the end. the PROCESS is much much much more important than the OUTCOME!

day 3: vintage
a 1964 skoda on a random torn-and-stamped-over background. check!

day 4: lavender
another of my "stand-by" ideas is repetitive shapes. circles, squares, triangles, ogees. in a pattern, randomly layered, painted over and over, or stacked-and-stitched, as you see here. it is totally fine-- and really quite fun-- to revisit the same ideas over and over. i can assure you, you'll never make the same card twice.

day 5: kawaii
narwhals, narwhals... 
swimmin' in the ocean... 
causin' a commotion... 
cuz they are so awesome!
(the truly GREAT songs never die, do they?!)
(sorry about the earworm, lol, i've got it now too!)
day 6: detour
something you really really (REALLY!) cannot see from the pic is that this is bits of FIVE different maps, trimmed and glued together so neatly that you totally cannot remotely tell it is five different maps. sigh. having said that, this is an idea that has been swimming around in my brain for a while now and by virtue of this first (admittedly rather frustrating) experiment, i now have more practical ideas of how to tackle it. for one thing i'll remember not to start something really detailed at 10:45pm with a screaming headache. i also now know this is really a full-sized (12x12?) idea, so i won't try to squish it onto an index card. in many ways, altho this is the card i least LIKE... it's the one i learned the most from, which makes it (IMO) the most embodying of the true ICAD spirit!!!


Friday, June 9, 2017

layers upon layers

this fortnight at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ we are celebrating the official beginning of summer by being, "all bundled up" obviously, lol! no, you needn't grab a cardi... (tho actually here in NJ it's been cool enough that even i, queen of t-shirts-in-winter, wore a jacket the other day?! unheard of!) ...we just want to see holiday cards with three or more layers! do i even have to tell you that i went with the "or more" option? nah. didn't think so. ;)

scanned and resized vintage pc from my collection, printed on canon medium glossy photo paper, trimmed and distressed on the edges; golden doily and seambinding from my stash; patterned papers: glitz design, pion, photoplay, october afternoon; ink: colorbox; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape, sewing machine

ok, so, a familiar look from me --torn layers of paper-- but, this time instead of vintage paper, i've used all ordinary store-bought patterned papers, in neutral tones, so that the colors of my (scanned and slightly scaled down) vintage postcard would really pop. seeing as how i did have to scan and crop it, here's a closeup of the card in question, which is addressed to mr. herbert gerwerd, from will, and postmarked philadelphia, pa, december 23, 1907! you are welcome to print and use this in your own creations, if you'd like to: 

i was inspired by the current --and alas, final-- mojo monday sketch, though in the end, despite test-driving a number of pretty ingredients for the role of the cool vertical strips, my card wound up feeling finished without them. meanwhile i send a heartfelt, "farewell and thank you" to julee tilman for 500 amazing sketches over the course of nearly ten years?! mojo monday will definitely be missed, but i'm looking forward to what is next for that talented lady! 

stephanie also has a beautiful layery creation for your delight... why not hop over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and check it out, darlings?!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Under the Strawberry Moon

This Friday, the ninth, will be the full moon for June of 2017, and thus it is known as the Strawberry Moon. On the Eyelet Outlet Blog today, I've mentioned that I'm planning to celebrate by eating as many delicious strawberries as possible... and of course... I've made a card! It features some beautiful Eyelet Outlet Strawberry Brads, and a few varieties of the gorgeous new Wide Washi Tape!

Have you seen the new tapes? They're at the top of the Washi section in the Eyelet Outlet store... the new ones all have an asterisk before their name, to make them easy to find. There are loads of styles, of course, but the ones that look like Watercolors are some of my favorites. I've mentioned before that I really love Wide Washi and Skinny Washi; when you mix them together with standard-width washi, it just makes any design more dynamic and interesting. But also --in the case of Butterfly Wide Washi and Flower Wide Washi --they are just so very beautiful! You probably know that my lovely design team sister Stephanie (and crafty BFF!) is known as the "Washi Queen" on the EO Blog, and the way she is always devising new ways to use her tapes inspires ALL of us in the DT to try to do the same.

In this case, I thought I'd choose to highlight just the pink sections of the Flower Tape design, so I cut those bits from the main roll of tape, measured and marked very lightly where I wanted them to go, then applied them in two neat rows, about half an inch apart, on my card's background panel. I trimmed the edges with Skinny Pastel Pink Tape for a more polished look. I added my focal point, the Paper Flower stacks with Strawberry Brad centers, then adhered a strip of Butterfly Washi to a scrap of white cardstock so that I could fussy-cut the pink butterflies and use them as stickers!

I hope you'll be inspired to find new ways of using your Eyelet Outlet Tapes! If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out Stephanie's amazing creations (don't miss the light switch covers!!!) Then scroll down and see what my Wednesday partner Carri has been up to! ♥

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

man, oh man!

this week's challenge at shopping our stash is called, "DUDE!" and we want to see... (you've guessed already, haven't you?) ...that's right, we want to see masculine cards. you don't need to make a father's day, card (though you can, and i did!); because of course any masculine design for any occasion will do! 

loads of vintage book paper from several sources, also a map that I SWEAR was torn like this when i found it, though of course i had to trim up the other edges to make it fit, lol. stash-wise, the fussy-cut car and the tiny heart were discards from a different project and had been put into one of my many little zippy bags with "parts for future" use... they're always my first port of call when making a collage or collage card!; tapes: heidi swapp, eyelet outlet, 7gypsies, little b, recollections; compass brad: eyelet outlet; glossy black cardstock: ranger; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m/scotch foam tape and gluestick (for the record, the latter is now the ONLY mass-market, inexpensive gluestick i will use for collage!)

this might be a record-settingly layery card even for me, lol! i actually had the layers of text, map, and illustration all ready to glue up before i realized that even with inked edges they were just not standing out very distinctly. so i added a super-skinny black glossy cardstock mat to EVERY. SINGLE. LAYER, and suddenly the whole thing looked soooooo much better. speaking of mats, having used a torn bit of map, i hesitated over what to do: leave it un-matted? trim off the torn and slanty edge, then mat? mat and cut neatly around the shape of the torn edge?? finally, it occurred to me to mat it on an oversized piece of black and see if i could TEAR along the same outline. i frankly wasn't sure i'd be able to do it, and even if i could, that it would look nice... but it worked and is now my favorite part of the card! 

well, that and the eyelet outlet compass brad, set into a tiny music paper heart! ♥

something else i really love is this week's sketch saturday sketch. as always, i've added my own little twists, but "the bones" of it are all sketch saturday! btw, i thank those ladies and also ABM illustrations for the very cool prize from being last week's random winner!

everyone who checks out my DT darlings' work at shopping our stash is always a winner, and today will not be the exception to that, so off you go to get your allotment of eye candy!

Friday, June 2, 2017

hole-y (holly) moly

we're still making cards with windows or other apertures cut into them at ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and this week i've done something i rarely ever do... used the same ingredients, two cards in a row. but i really HAD TO, this time, because about 15 seconds after i attached the diecut holly leaves adorning the window on last week's card, i realized that i should have used the holly dies to cut the actual window in the card! so i did:

holly and greens dies--regular and mini, used as both positive and negative space: tim holtz/sizzix thinlits; felt poinsettia: k and co; pinecones: martha stewart; golden flowers: petaloo; various shades of green cardstock: bazill; patterned paper: bo bunny, october afternoon + vintage sheet music; adhesives: elmers brand gluetape, 3m foam tape, gluedots, sewing machine

in the meantime, having treated myself to the sizzix/tim holtz "holiday greens" dies last week at paper anthology; this week i treated myself to the MINI size of the same dies! so when i cut through the music paper, i was able to arrange ALL the holly leaves from both sets, into a larger spray, which i think looks really cool! of course, i could have gotten a similar effect by making more than one pass using the larger holly branch too. or i could have arranged one of the other greens dies with the holly on my magnetic platform for that matter. btw, i'm not allllll that much of a gadget girl, but i must say that's an accessory which has completely changed the way i think about making window cards and/or doing complicated or multi-die cuts. if you have wafer thin dies and you don't have the sizzix magnetic platform, you are missing out! you can get one at paper anthology, btw. just sayin'... :)

here's a pic that shows the aperture a little better. i put some little dots of foam tape around the holly leaves underneath, so that there'd be a little space between the top and bottom layers. i also used the darkest green paper i had, for maximum contrast!

meanwhile, stephanie also has a beautiful and HOLE-y card to show off. why not hop over to ♥JINGLE BELLES♥ and check it out right now?!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mini Card Smiles for Miles

You know how we all eat MORE candy when they come in those little fun size bars? It turns out the same is true for cards... well, not the eating part, lol, but I find that once I start making mini-cards it's really hard to stop! Especially since an ATC format (2.5 x 3.5") showcases Summer-Themed Eyelet Outlet Brads so wonderfully well, as I believe I prove conclusively on the Eyelet Outlet Blog today!

In this case, my little "family" of cards was inspired by the fact that one of my Simple Stories 6 x 6" paper pads featured a bunch of scaled down journal cards, with little icons just right to be swapped for brads. Who could resist something as amazingly serendipitous as that, eh? You can see in the photo that one the cards has a smiley face EXACTLY the same size-- and expression-- as a Mini Emotion Brad and another has a sun just a tiny bit smaller than the one in the Sun and Cloud Brads. The Flip Flop Brads weren't actually pictured on their card, but the text is in the perfect colors and there was just enough room to attach them along the edges. Shifting through another collection from the same manufacturer I found a camera with an iconic center which precisely fit the Peace Sign Brads and another mini card that was a brilliant home for Mini Bee Brads... right down to the honeycomb pattern!

Once I started making the cards, I decided to combine the colors in the paper collection, add some dictionary text paper with strategically placed words, and highlight the designs with a bit of Washi Tape in coordinating shades and patterns.

Flower Tape with Cute Bugs looked adorable with the Mini Bees. Chevron Tape was a natural choice with that sweet camera and bold Peace Sign. The Blue Dots Tape always reminds me of bubbles in an aquarium (or the ocean?!) so that was perfect with the Flip Flops. And Smiley Face Tape was an obviously fab accent for the Mini Smiley. I've also used some Foil Dots tape and my very favorite, super-colorful Skinny Washi Set as accents.

When all the cards were finished, it seemed a shame not to make some tiny envelopes for them, using the leftover bits of paper and a little more coordinating tape; though these will be tucked into a gift or mailed in a larger envelope, since 3.5 x 5" is the smallest size you can mail on its own!

I hope you'll be inspired to look at your own paper collections and your stamp sets, to see which ones will pair perfectly with some super-fun Eyelet Outlet Brads! Meanwhile Miss Carri has another great project to show you, so why not scroll down below my post on the Eyelet Outlet Blog and see that right now?! ♥