Saturday, May 23, 2009

because you can never have too many cupcakes!

in a papercrafting sense, that is. one of the great sadnesses of real life is that in a dietary sense, you actually CAN have too many cupcakes; as the waistbands of my summer trousers will attest. (sigh)

luckily, then, it is in fact the papercrafty variety of cupcakes i wish to discuss today! because i've got some NEW ONES, and they are *fabulous*!!! see, the prize last week at 2sketches4you was an amazing--and amazingly generous--selection of files from the cutting cafe. not only was i given the entire package the design team received, i was also allowed to *choose* some files, too! how cool is that?! (hint: it is very very cool indeed...but also quite hard b/c the cafe's selection is awesome!)

i got some neat patterns for making pillowboxes...and these astoundingly cool shaped sweets cards (which would, amongst other things, make the best thank you notes EVER, imho!) and obviously i could not resist these adorable cupcakes, which come formatted with fun greetings as A-2 cards so that you needn't even cut them out--just print, fold and color!

for this card, i did cut mine out, however; in fact i paper-pieced them with--if i do say so m'self--rather cool results! but i'm getting ahead of myself, as usual. first, let's look at laura davis' glorious sketch 26 from this week at 2S4Y:

*NOW* we can see my paper-pieced cupcakey card. unusually for me, i used papers that were all from the same line; i finally got to properly break out my making memories 6x6 "sabrina" pad. boy oh boy does it streamline the production process to have18 coordinated patterns in the perfect size for card-making!!!

(cupcake pattern: the cutting cafe; patterned paper: making memories, doodlebug; glossy black cardstock & black stickles: ranger; chipboard letters: k&co; bling: heidi swapp, michaels & teeeeeeny nail gems from the lovely terrie bailey; ink: colorbox; pen: zig; adhesives: tombow monoadhesive runner, 3m foam tape, judikins diamond glaze)

can i just say one more big thank you to the wonderful folks at 2S4Y and also to the very lovely regina easter at the cutting cafe? being COTW was a total blast and i am most appreciative!!! ♥♥♥


  1. COOL!
    Cool prize, very VERY much deserved :)
    Look at all that bling! and the colours are PERFECT (flash me back to 1984 and my lovely pink and black dress...them were the days!)

  2. HI Lauren, first I must say thanks for the shout out, secondly I must say thank you again for the lovely cupcake card.....i have so been wanting some cupcakes lately and this is exactly what i needed this morning....nothing like having a yummy, stunning, amazing cupcake to eat in the morning ALL BY MYSELF before the kids wake up and it doesn't even put pounds on me....hugs

  3. Lauren,
    Wow what a cute card! Don't you just love Regina's cutting files:) Thanks for playing!

  4. super cute cupcake goodness Lauren!!!! woot woot for all your new goodies...loving how you did a paper piecing number on that sweet cupcake!!

  5. Well, all I can say to this is "subdued lauren", but still soooooooo you! :-)

  6. Great cupcakes and no calories!!!
    I have no distractions, that is why I can whip out so many cards. No kids, husband at work, blind dog who is very lazy...I am responsible for nothing. You should, however, see me at 4pm when DH is going to be on his way home in 30 minutes, I quick shower, pick up house and scramble to see what it for dinner. That way I look like a do it all, worked hard all day kind of wife, when really I haul butt for about an hour really fast. LOL.
    Thanks for visiting me and leading me to your great blog of wonderful creations!!!

  7. Great card, color combo and cupcake.

  8. Oh you clever old thing you! Congratulations on an extremely well deserved win. Your birdie card was sensational :-)

  9. Ah, I wonder how long it would take for your fame to get caught up with your uber talent!

    A big congrats to you, Sweetie. It is well-deserved, though that seems like an understatement ;)

    Sending you a big hug!!!

  10. Regina's stuff is fun to play with! Awesome card!!

  11. Sweet prize and a very sweet card too!!! And you can never have too many cupcakes of any kind...regardless of what your pants say :) Loving the bling on this one too ♥♥♥

  12. Ooooooh I love this, could eat it right away!!
    Great prize.... you'll make gorgeous things with it I bet!

  13. Waaaaaaah look at that, I can leave a comment!! yeah for Blogger!! LOL

  14. Complete `YumYum` Lauren...
    Gorgeous as always my loverly...
    Happy Memorial Holiday:)♥

  15. This is a beauty!

  16. This card is indeed "Sweet"!!! Gorgeous Lauren!

    (-: Heidi


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