Friday, January 23, 2009

operation 49: SECRET

i know i have said this A WHOLLLLLLLLE BUNCH OF TIMES, but i'm gonna say it again anyway: the very best part of paper adventure is making all kinds of pages in all kinds of styles on all kinds of topics that would never have occurred to me on my own.

case in point, the prompt for this one was: "do you have a secret? can you keep a secret?" i was planning to address one or both of those questions in a more straightforward way... (the answers being, "nope" and "theoretically, depending on the secret" respectively) ...but then i got to musing on the nature of secrets, generally...and i wound up making this, instead:

(patterned paper: basic grey; magnetic alphabet stamps: amking memories; needlepoint yarn: dmc; pen: zig)

text reads, "isn't it funny how much SECRETS have in common with LIES? & once you embark on either, you're pretty much in a vicious circle. (bad idea!)"

and i really, REALLY like how it came out. (she said, modestly) i like that it is messy and raw and uneven. i like that the spirally circle thingie is wonky and the letters that i stamped one at a time are imperfect. i also found punching and stitching my way through an episode of monk to be the absolute perfect antidote for a frantic workday! (& i predict that hand-sewing-on-projects will be makin' a big comeback in these parts!)


  1. Happy Friday Sista!!! Secrets & Lies...yup, I'm going to say that you absolutely nailed it...oh wise your take on the prompt...

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are keeping up with these paper adventure journals. And I enjoy getting to know you better through these pages. And the more I get to know you, the more I like you :)

  3. And I my first opinion of you was that you are ***FAB-U-LOUS!***

  4. I love it! I need that on my wall to remind me.

  5. so true!! (the text). and i really like how this one turned out too! very cool.

  6. VERY cool! Love the swirly thing and especially the wonkiness. ;-)

    BTW, I have a secret ... I have pondered sewing on my cards, too. ;-)

  7. Ohh, this is fabulous - I think you should blow it up (not literally) and make it available in a poster format, so that we could all have one on our walls.

    .... not that I have ANY secrets, obviously ....


  8. You need to market this to the poster making people- it is fabulous! Great words of wisdom from a great one! debb

  9. Your musing is *brilliant* Miss Lauren!! I second Debb's poster idea because I know many gossip girls would may need one (myself included)!! =)


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