Saturday, January 17, 2009

operation 40: STYLE

weirdly enough, this paper adventure topic stumped me for quite a while. even though--or, me being ME, maybe because--the brief was incredibly simple: "what's your style?" elise asked. to tell the truth, i'm not sure i HAVE a style! but certainly, when it comes to clothing, i definitely have some very strong i went with that!

(once again, i apologize for a badly lit photo which also makes my page look crooked; but i've had more than one go at this now, and frankly, it isn't worth more time & trouble to assay what the divine tracy calls, "the uber-scan"!!!)

(patterned paper: dcwv; clothing pics from t'internet; text formatted & printed in broderbund printshop; fonts: ck typewriter & bleeding cowboys)

text reads: "style? maybe...comfort, for sure!"

"95% of the time i am in blue jeans and a black top. if it's summer we are probably talking capris; in winter cashmere sweaters are a must. on formal occasions the jeans might be black velvet & a pair of grown-up shoes could conceivably be dusted off & endured."


  1. What a fun how you made the pieces of clothing look like paper doll clothes...I'm a total jeans/sweater girl...the last time I wore a dress was in hmmm....2001? That was only because my brother was getting married {stomping my foot!}. I'll wear denim skirts in the summer :) no heels for me..sheesh, I "should" wear them but whatever...I'm camo on that..lmao!

  2. Yep, I'm a comfort vs. style girl too. Life is short, be comfortable!

  3. I am sooo jealous over this page. I have wanted to blog about style(well, really style in the world of papercrafting and art but somehow tied into my personal image and living style!) for the longest time! I asked Santa for a "style" to go along with the "energy" I asked for. I got neither! Any way- love your clothing style. You are enticing me to go to this blog and make a book for myself - I am glad she is leaving it up! We shall see....


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