Wednesday, January 14, 2009

operation 43: MUSIC

hooray for moving right along on the paper adventure front!

can i just say (AGAIN) that i am so pleased that i did not give in to my inner critic's nasty little voice; you know, the one that was trying to tell me that being behind by 10 or so weeks, and actually out of the year we were documenting meant that i should forget all about trying to catch up, and mark up another unfinished item on my mental tally. i mention this only because--and i'm a bit embarrassed to admit it--i have, in the past, actually let that voice influence me...and missed out on *GOOD STUFF*!


this time, theme is music, and i decided to go uber-simple and just list the songs that were my particular i-pod faves right before xmas. (i always love seeing other people's lists...and i think someday this will be a cool thing to look back on!)

ok, so the page. you know that magic ingredient in crafting which suddenly transforms a few ordinary items into so much more than the sum of their parts? yeah...well...this thing has the antidote! i love everything that's on it...and i had fun making it...but the result does not fill me with aesthetic pleasure. am i gonna keep working and obsessing and tinkering until i get something that's perfect and FABULOUS??! nope. it says what i wanted to say, and thus i declare it officially finished!

(vintage: endpaper from an old olllllld songbook & illustrations from another music book; glossy cardstock: ranger; music patterned paper: scrapbook wizard; rub-ons: ki, lil davis, autumn leaves; other: colorbox inks, uniball signo pen)

a couple of years ago i read something cathy zielske wrote, in which she described a similar sensation of being not entirely satisfied, but needing at that point to just be done with a project. and she summed up by saying, "sometimes 'good enough' good enough"! words to live by, folks! words to live by!


  1. Very coolio Lauren...I love your handwriting! Good for you for keeping up with the paper adventure! The little voice that I always hear is "buy it, get it!" gotta quit listening to her :)

  2. Love your page!

    Ya know, I might like these Paper Adventure words more than I am liking the soul-wrenching, deep questions for the 52Q challenge, which I have yet to begin. If I quit before I start, am I still a loser?

  3. Hi Lauren :)

    Love your page!!

    Yes I have that trouble with my inner critic too - darnit!! I have been good lately and trusted Ms Mojo :) and getting reassured by you all on my blog :)

    Thankyou for your support and inspiration :)

  4. words to live by, indeed! beautiful creations... now you're providing great advice, too!! (or probably always have...?) how cool! :)

  5. The page is perfect, but I like your quote by Cathy Zielske! That is sage advice. I will need to remember that...quite often :)

  6. When my inner critic keeps finding little things to change in something that ought to be considered "good enough," the small part of me that is not my inner critic must quit looking at it, whatever it is.

  7. Yeah! good for you. I am still treking along. I have started a new one thru Emily Falconbridge for this year. Have ya seen it?

    Here's her blog

  8. I admire your dedication so much! Take that inner critic!

    Oh and I checked out the year of Q & A - very cool! I'm in!

  9. How fun ... those little dancing people at the top are so fun ... love it.


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