Thursday, January 22, 2009

operation 42: LAYERS

this *MIGHT* be my favorite thing i have made for paper adventure. actually, i am rather thrilled to tell you (somewhat immodestly) that there are quite a few pages in my increasingly bulgy, nearly finished book, which make me positively beam with pride. and--perhaps equally cool--only a few i look at and go, "ewwww". but before i gush more about fabulous ME, let's look at the page in question, shall we?

(vintage: timecard, (thanks debb!) illustration of lady, postage stamps & sheet music; little bird cut from magazine; scalloppy cardstock is a bit of packaging from fancy pants acrylic shapes; k&co diecut adhesive border; prima flowers; making memories transparency frame & jewel brad; rub-ons by my mind's eye & fancy pants; colorbox inks; staples; manual typewriter)

ok, so the theme was LAYERS, and elise's prompt was to describe layers and levels of ourselves or our relationships...but...the very first thing she said was, "interpret this one how you like" ...which is good, because the minute i read the title i had already decided what i was doing! everybody who's known me for more than 15 minutes has already sussed that i will leap, pro-wrestler-like, on top of any possible excuse to make a freeform collage.


and this was practically an engraved invitation! anyway, my life and relationships are pretty straightforward, which might be why i like to make my art so complicated?! there's no journaling, per se... (the typed bits are phrases like "birds of a feather flock together" and "a bird in the hand" and "come fly with me") ...nevertheless it conveys everything i had to say!

dontcha LOVE IT when that happens?!


  1. Oh Lauren...Oh Fabulous Lauren...let me start by saying that you have got to be kiddin' me..I cannot and will not believe that there are ANY pages that would make ANYONE go "ewwww". I love this one...great layer'age...all on a vintage time card...shakin' my do you do it? check out all the flourishes and that fun bird that you cut from a magazine??!!! You are a genius...

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. And SUCH goodness! I have no collage genes...I am so envious. ;-)

  3. Oh I so love this! Your collagability (yes, this may be a new term) is so great! You make the elements go together so perfectly! Love, love, love it! Ok and am I crazy or did I see a pink background earlier???? debb

  4. So gorgeous!!! I love this. Very nice. Are you still putting them in the flickr group? I'll have to go look at all of yours again. I need to group mine together in a flickr group. I wanna see a pic of your expanding p.a. book!

  5. Wow, This is a seriously stunning piece Lauren!! I have actually been quite enjoying all of your recent paper adventure work, but I have been a naughty little lurker and not left any comments. For the record It's all fabulous!

    (-: Heidi

  6. Completely and utterly gorgeous! This is ART ♥

  7. Dontcha just love all your creations Lauren...They are scrummylicious...mmmmm:)~X~


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