Thursday, January 8, 2009

hb(2U) + (b)2S4Y = *F*U*N*

so i went over to 2 sketches 4 you in order to grab up kazan's mighty fine sketch 17 and make me a card.

but then i saw this:

(peet's bonus sketch)

and i was

swept away!

(also...i already had a little birdie i wanted to use...and i could not figure out how to make him work in the first one...whereas that circley frame thing in peet's sketch...that pretty much screams, "BIRD GOES HERE!"...doesn't it?!?)

(well it did to me!)

so i made this, instead:

(vintage: timecard (thank you, debb!) + bird illustration (from a children's book); patterned paper: love elsie; cardstock: core'dinationsring sticker: creative imaginations; brads: hot off the press; other: dymo labeller, colorbox inks, zig pen, foam tape, heart & star stickers from my stash...which are very nearly old enough to be called "vintage"!)

but hey...anytime i can start and finish a card

...onna weeknight...

it is cause for


can i get a


(thank you)


  1. WAHEY!!!

    what does that mean btw? LOL...

    yes, the little circle really was screaming for a bird...very perceptive of you to pick up on that right away:) great card Lauren!!!

  2. LOVE IT! What's up with the birds, these days, anyway? I am on a bird kick myself, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sketch, so, well, you know, I might have to use it. After work, of course. Darn Day Job!

  3. Lauren....this is magnifi-co! Lovely job, as always!!!

  4. WAHEY!

    This reminds me of a very old coffee mug I own with a hippo, birdie, and 2 ewes. But I s'pose that's a lot to fit on a card...except maybe a Lauren-y card. Dare you take up that challenge?

  5. you made me smile when I read your post because I so can't do more than one card a night - Laura can whip out a serious amount of stunning cards at once but not me - so I totally get the ONE gorgeous card we got! So what are your plans for tonight *wink*
    Seriously you did an amazing job with Peet's sketch

  6. AWE-some! Lauren, everything you do makes me smile! I love how you flipped the sketch to accommodate the orientation of your fab little bird! You totally rocked this one!

    (-: Heidi

  7. What an adorable little birdie! Great job with the sketch!


  8. What a great interpretation of Peet's sketch! I love that Elsie paper & the bird. Great idea to use illustrations from a children's book :)

  9. You rocked it ... totally and complately, 110% rocked it ... well, maybe 111%. but I don't want you to get a big head :^)

  10. Wahey!! And here's a bonus Woo-hoo!! too, cos you're worth it.

    I'm loving your spoonerism cards, and yup, I tried the Huck Finn one and giggled like a tweenager at it.


  11. Wahey!!!
    Love this card - very cute!

  12. Yep, you found the perfect place for your little bird... great take on Peet's sketch!

  13. Your card has got to be the `tweetest` I ever did see Miss Lauren..
    `You Rock`!!!!:)~X~

  14. love it...absolutely great!!!
    Lauren, Thank you so much for playing!


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