Friday, January 16, 2009

lolz...i makes dem!

ever since the summer, when i see a particularly funny uncaptioned photo on i can has cheezburger or i has a hotdog i've been having a go at writing my own and submitting it, confident each time in the expectation that of course said websites will print the result.

so far, nuthin'.

i assume this is because my own captions are SO VERY FUNNY that they fear the other contestants would become disheartened.


that's probably it! :)

anyway, having tired of waiting for my BIG BREAK in pet photo comedy, i thought i might start posting them here, as a sort of public service; and not because i have only five minutes to blog, and nothing new to show, and zero in the way of original sirree bob...



  1. *SCREAM*
    Lauren, i am just appalled that they are not picking your captions!!! what is wrong with those people!!!

  2. We are all going to love your originals! Keep them coming- someday we will be able to say "I knew her before she became famous!". debb

  3. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hahahaha!! I love it!!

  4. LMAO!!!!! Keep 'em coming sista!

  5. haha! yup... she looks (and sounds) familiar... :)

  6. :)

    Yes, you also have a true talent for pet photo comedy. You would win every contest, so that would not be much of a contest now, would it? You have my vote!


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