Tuesday, January 27, 2009

mena the monsta makes some friends!

did you ever get a beautiful handmade card in the mail for no reason at all? just because someone really nice...and really talented...was thinking about you? well i did, the other day, from my lovely friend and fellow caardvark jolene johnston.

wanna see?

gorgeous, isn't it?! and i assure you, the photo does not remotely do it justice!
but there wasn't only a card--there were prezzies, too! ART prezzies...which, as you know...are the very best kind! (especially when someone terribly thoughtful, who really knows your style, has done the picking out!) there were sparkly transparencies, and printed ribbons, and uber-fancy jeweled brads!

and yeah...that packet with the heart on it *does* say, "PINK hot chocolate"! (i will report further details on that when i have sampled it.)
but the very VERY best bit was that all of the above was brought to my home by the newest member of our happy little family...may i proudly introduce to you

of course, when arriving at a new place, it takes a little while to settle in & find one's niche. at first mena thought the typewriter would be a terrific place to perch...but it was not very comfy!

the bathroom tap was more relaxing...but a bit damp.

the big lamp affords a terrific view of the livingroom...but it's a bit precarious.

and the phone in the hall was just TOO NOISY!

plus, the main problem with all of those choices was that they were all a bit lonely.

mena found a place that was

in the backseat of my car, with sockrates and tipsy!
welcome mena monsta!
and may all our travels be happy ones! :)

(and many many *MANY* thanks again, miss jolene!!!)


  1. With that many backseat drivers do you actually have to do what they say?

  2. I'm so glad she found a good home with you. ♥ Enjoy!

  3. I was literally chuckling throughout your blog post...tooo fun! Welcome to mena the monsta! btw, I LOVE your typewriter!

  4. Sockrates! You crack me up! And I also noticed the typewriter. I have one, too, but it is not OUT, in PLAIN VIEW! :-) VERY cute monsta!

  5. I love your friends. They are lucky to have you.

  6. I saw the card first and scrolled back up to make sure I was at the right blog...then I read that the card was sent to you. How very sweet! Mena is very cute and she looks right at home.

    Pink hot chocolate?! Keep us posted :)

  7. i am screaming over here...you always crack me up Lauren...as to your first question...yes, i got a lovely hand made card in the mail at Christmas from the very talented YOU...i love the monsta adventures...you should do those periodically...he is so dang CUTE!!!

  8. Oh I love to stop by Lauren...You sooo make me giggle!!!!
    Your mena monsta!!!is sooo lucky to have you ...hell never be short of good Company ever and ever!!!
    Have a fab week...chickidie:)~X~

  9. That is one CUTE monsta...you are spoilt!!!!! Nothing is nicer that unexpected gifts from someone who obviously knows your taste.

    Now, what I want to know is where I can get one too!!!!!

  10. OOOH totally have a fun game for you- check my blog, Cant wait to see what you do with this one

  11. That Mena looks like a naughty little monster! She's gonna have to be nice if her mommy wants a visit from a certain santa!


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