Monday, January 12, 2009

operation 48: TRADITION

seeing as how i hardly ever did the paper adventure pages in order even when i was (more or less) on schedule, i figure: why change now??!

(i tend to do them as the ideas come to me...also, in this case, i knew i needed to print pictures for "WORK" and "TRADITION"...and it seemed better to use one sheet of photo paper than waste two half sheets!)

ok, so for this one elise asked us to relate a tradition--holiday or otherwise--that means something to us. since jeff and i had had an entirely relevant conversation about this no more than ten days ago, i knew exactly what i would use!

(picture from internet printed on kodak premium photo paper; heidi swapp chipboard heart; rub-on letters in various fonts from: making memories & american crafts)

yes, that *IS* a big mac. and yes, the text says,


this pertains to a scene from our favorite christmas movie bernard and the genie and is a bit of a catchphrase in our house. the journaling (below) essplains the rest.

(sheet of notebook paper glued to back of the photo & cut to size; epoxy heart: cloud nine designs; xmas sticker & rub-on: creative imaginations)

text reads, "the other day we were enjoying a (very rare) big mac and one of us naturally came out with one of our favorite lines from "bernard and the genie" (the line about the pickles) which made us both laugh. a few minutes later jeff said, "we should really have these when we watch next year...wanna make it part of the tradition?!" ...oh yeah...big macs & bernard...starting next christmas eve. (even the pickles *ARE* nice!) ...and thus a new tradition is born!"


  1. This was a fun read...why did LHJ get demoted to just "Jeff"? LOL

    Your journaling page is so cute with the chimney and the "&or". Your simple touches are perfect!

  2. Um, drool =)

    I've so enjoyed catching up on your blog! I've missed out on a little Lauren love over the holidays!!

    And THANK YOU for the most beautiful Christmas card ever. Seriously. =)

  3. I LOVE PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the pic has made me hungry!!

    Sounds like a cool tradition :)

  4. I had to go get a Big Mac this week! It was tasty! Love this page. Kudos on catching up with your book! debb


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