Tuesday, August 17, 2021

If You Are...

...a very, very lucky papercrafter, one day you might just find a package of amazing Wendy Veccchi goodies on your doorstep, courtesy of Ranger Ink, and you'd probably do a bit of a Happy Dance. Especially if there were three of Wendy's brand new signature Archival Ink colors, a Mini Make Art STAY-tion, beautiful Stamp, Die and Stencil Sets, Liquid Pearls, a Perfect Stylus Set and more!

I'm pretty sure you'd tear right into the Thank You Stamp Die and Stencil Set, knowing that the flowers and leaves would look outstanding in Goldenrod and English Ivy Archival, and adding highlights of Periwinkle to your collage background would really make the flowers pop. Being that Archival Ink is permanent, you might even use it to stain some drywall tape to match!

If, at some point, you decided to add some hand-stitching, you'd probably be pretty excited to find that DMC Floss #3838, #676 and #895 would be excellent matches for Periwinkle, Goldenrod and English Ivy, respectively. You might add a nice chunky border of Periwinkle stitches to celebrate.

It would be so easy to add some gorgeous blooms on top of that vintage paper collage, since you could use the Make Art STAY-tion to anchor the stencil while you laid down some perfectly-flower-shaped Goldenrod ink, stamp the outline on top, and cut out with the coordinating die from the Thank You Set. And then the ideal sentiment would be right there for you, as well.

After all that, you'd no doubt want to finish blogging as quickly as possible... so you could go back and make something else! ♥   

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