Sunday, August 1, 2021

ICAD 2021 Wrap-Up!

Every Index Card a Day season lasts exactly sixty-one days (from June 1st to July 31st) so it's ridiculous to say this was the fastest ICAD ever; but nevertheless it definitely felt much faster than usual! Here's my final round up of cards for ICAD2021. If for any reason (severe insomnia?) you need to see ALL the cards, you can click this link.

day 54: off prompt doodles
i saw a similar idea on instagram... layered pages of doodles and leaves, with little patterns and intricate edges. i wish i had bookmarked it so i could send you off to see it! 

day 55: off prompt collage
on this night i realized at about 11:30pm that i had not posted my ICAD; then shortly after, i realized that i hadn't MADE it, either! this might be the fastest collage EVERRRRRR!

day 56: dot mandala monday
conversely, i made this dot mandala around week two, shoved it into my book, and forgot all about it!

day 57: off prompt rainbow
yep... right up to the end i'm into hand cut patterns with stitching on top.

day 58: off prompt
this idea is sooooooooo much cooler inside my head, and at some point i hope i'll manage to translate that coolness onto a sketchbook page or card, because this definitely isn't it. but there are times you need to make the wrong thing (or a few wrong things) before you can figure out why it's wrong, and then (if you're lucky) how to make it right. all part of the process!

day 59: pocket
i made a slightly smaller than usual library pocket (with my score-board) and then trimmed down --and collaged-- a swedish library card to fit.

day 60: off prompt
this was going to be a much more traditional/pretty hawaiiana/floral type collage; but then i found this adorable island-dwelling malolo (flying fish) and changed course.

day 61: forward
i really couldn't move forward into "civilian" life without saying a huuuuuge THANK YOU to tammy garcia and the instagram ICAD community. thanks also to anyone who's been reading these posts, i've loved every minute of ICAD2021 and am already looking forward to june 1, 2022!


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