Sunday, March 10, 2019

woohoo... another travel book!

midway through my california trip, my friend and co-conspirator barb admired by travel book and said something along the lines that it seemed like a really EASY way to make a travel scrapbook, and someday even she might want to try it. which of course was all the excuse i needed to come home and make a second one, just for her!

the size, shape and format of this book is exactly the same as the book i made for myself; which is to say that the covers are 4.5 x 9.5" and the pages are just a tiny bit smaller. this seems like kind of a weird shape, until you realize that it makes it possible able to just punch one hole and add the brochures and things we all tend to accumulate on vacation. which explains the one-ring. because although i love a nice spiral binding, it means you have to wait until the very very end to attach everything. and meanwhile you have a suitcase full of precious papers and postcards getting literally bent out of shape. i covered sturdy chipboard panels with a fun pastel cactus patterned paper and added the title of the book on a postcard from the trip, which i mounted on a hambly transparency dolled up with a bit of washi tape.

since i was making barb's book AFTER the trip, i had the luxury of being able to print and add photos from the jump. so i chose one shot i liked for each of the labeled pages which represent each day of the trip as well as a few themes like food, accommodations, weather, etc. 

i formatted the photos to be the same size and shape as the labelled pages (4.25 x 8.5") and printed them on inkjet transparency sheets, so that you can see the pages beneath... right through the photos. i love this effect. and it always impresses non-papercrafters, because they can't quiiiiiiiite figure out how you made the pics SEE-THROUGH! :)

of course, barb can add traditional or mini photographs to her pages, or even just punch a hole in 4 x 6" prints from the drugstore and make them be their own pages. i love that this style of book is so casual you don't have to do ANY fussing or fancy footwork! i cannot wait to see what fun things barb adds to make it HERS! ♥

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