Tuesday, March 12, 2019

SOS391: forever friends

it's time for another new (fortnightly!) challenge at shopping our stash, and the brief is super simple: make something honoring friendship! i made a card... SURPRISE! :)

i guess it was just a matter of time before the chameleon from mft's "polynesian paradise" stamp set ditched the adorable hula girl and set off in quest of a solo career, right? and it must be said, he seems to be stepping confidently into his starring role as the eponymous hero of my friendship card! want to hear a funny chameleon coincidence? about half an hour after i had finished making this card, i received this photo via text from my bff, which leads to a pattern for tiny crocheted chameleons! what are the odds of those two things happening back to back?!

on the other hand, the chances of you finding awesome inspiration from my fabulous friends on the SOS blog are pretty much 100%, so you should really head over there right now, darlings! ♥


  1. Beautiful card, super cute and confident chameleon (must be a female) Now those crocheted chameleons are awesome.

  2. A cute chameleon AND a punny sentiment? Yes please! This is gorgeous!

  3. ACKKKKKKKK both your card and those tiny wee chameleons are sooooo awesome!!
    And know I am singing Karma Chameleon in my head LOL

  4. LOL!! it's amazing how a simple word not heard often, triggers the memory of a fabulous song, now I'm also singing it and I love it.
    Your card is beautifully colored, your little, smiling Chameleon is so sweet and those crochet ones simply fabulous.

  5. Absolutely and completely love it! The colours, the design, the sentiment....all perfect!

  6. Awesome, girl! Love the colors and the theme!

  7. you must crochet me a chameleon ... love them.


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