Sunday, March 31, 2019

happy lettering (part 2)

here are a few more sketchbook pages from the happy lettering challenge, which i found on instagram, and have enjoyed participating in (admittedly quite sporadically) throughout the month of march.

tombow dualbrush pens with a sort of neatened up version of the "scribbly ballpoint outline" i used on kite; plus some sunshine doodles to offset the fact that my lettering starts out MUCH bigger than it ends up, lol!

back to the divinely juicy ecoline pens, with an offset tombow shadow in N60 (my favorite grey for shadows!)

this might be my favorite entry for the entire month, and i think i'm the only person who even likes it, which is fine. this time, i handcut the letters from origami paper... stuck them down in my sketchbook... then outlined and shadowed them as if they were done in pen. i can imagine A LOT of ways to use this technique, so no doubt you'll be seeing it again in future!

turquoise and a touch of prussian blue colorburst, with plenty of sheer pearl liquid sparkle mixed in. it's hard to tell from the photos, but irl this is VERRRRRY glimmery indeed!

i wish i had used a slightly smaller brush for lettering the "lime" (in lime green obvs!) over the chartreuse colorburst lime doodle, but otherwise i quite like this one.

more flower doodles, not to mention a fern that is taking over the world, lol! with an offset .1mm pitt artist pen outline in lieu of shadow.

if you're interested in lettering, instagram is FULL 
of great examples, helpful vids and fun challenges, as well!


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