Saturday, March 30, 2019

happy lettering (part 1)

towards the beginning of the month i found the happy lettering challenge on instagram, and i've been playing along with their march prompts as time permits. this weekend seemed like a good time to round them up.

all my standard lettering go-to's right here: a rainbow of tombow dualbrush pens, outlined with the skinniest (.1mm) pitt artist pen, and a shadow with my favorite grey, tombow's N60.

i also like lettering with colorburst, or in this case, liquid metal... in yellow gold, with a coordinating marker outline and some stickles on top. 

very similar to rainbow, but with the blend across each letter (you need to leave quite a bit of room between!) a thicker outline and some posca paint pen dots.

well obviously, i couldn't resist a few flower doodles! in order to cheat and not have to letter BEHIND the flowers, i wrote spring in a very light shade of chartreuse tombow, so that my flowers would cover it without getting too tinted; then did the black outline at the very very end.

i had been wanting to try ecoline's brush pens and they do not disappoint... super juicy and a big tip that's exactly the right firmness! loads of funky/messy doodles on this one after i messed up the outline but didn't feel like starting over...

stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion... tomorrow!


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