Saturday, June 9, 2018

more icad?

yep... almost a week's worth! and here they are now:

day 5
so far this has been a VERY collage-intensive ICAD year. there's just something about torn vintage paper, machine stitching and index cards...

day 6
yep. a very collage-intensive ICAD year. i might've mentioned that, lol?

day 7
the prompt on this day was "haunted house" so i started with a vintage key... and then went back to the torn and inked papers collaged together. this one's a little different, though, because i can see this being a style that could cross-over into cardmaking.

day 8
*NOT* a collage!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
this time i splashed drops of alcohol ink onto a clear plastic index card divider thingie; then after it dried, i turned it over and added sharpie and paint pen doodles on the other side. i like the idea better than the results, possibly because i made this in the grips of the worst neck headache EVER and all i can see is how badly my head hurt right then. i think there are seeds of usable technique here, tho...

day 9
today's prompt is "chevron" so i made a little template and trimmed the shapes from a panel of swooshy rainbow colorburst watercolor. (reason #147 why i NEVER throw colorburst "rejects" away, lol... i always know i can use them for SOMETHING!)

if you're intrigued by the index card a day project, it's NOT too late to start! 
click the link to visit the ICAD base page at daisy yellow art.

what can you do on an index card?

~try out new techniques or supplies~
(like alcohol inks or colorburst)

~practice old favorites, like coloring with copics or colored pencils~
(the daily marker 30 day coloring challenge is taking place right now, btw, you could combine it with ICAD by stamping and coloring on index cards while you practice shading or blending!)\

~do something you've never done before~
(because hey... it's an index card... it's ok to "wreck" a few!!!)

there's no need to catch up or keep up...
 just start where you are and go on for as long as it's fun!


  1. Magical tiny works of art (hope you're head is feeling better)

  2. Love these little pieces of art.


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