Tuesday, June 26, 2018

hooray for the red and/or white and/or blue

we're coming up on both the fourth of july and canada day, so we've got a bit of a color challenge for ya at shopping our stash: use red, white and blue... separately or together... choose one, two, or all three! i chose all three, but,i decided not to go at all patriotic; honestly i wasn't sure if i could make that work, but i'm actually pretty happy with the result:

dimensional florals: prima, petaloo, recollections; assorted brads of unknown origin; heart is made from thin denim xyroned onto sturdy cardstock, heart template traced and cut out, machine stitching around edges is more for decoration than anything else, but yes, it keeps those edges FLAT forever!; background collage is torn bits of trading stamps and text paper over bright white sheet music; drywall tape and vintage red doily from my stash; adhesives: scotch/3m gluestick, elmers brand gluetape, beacon 3 in 1 adhesive (for the bulkier florals) and the aforementioned xyron machine + sewing machine

i've recently re-fallen in love with dimensional flowers, i *think* because i started following prima marketing on instagram and they post these absolutely luscious projects that are loaded with lumpy bumpy florals. and i still have LOTS of those, so it seems like a good idea to use them up. obviously the finished cards are not what you'd call "postal friendly" so i will either put them in a package with gifts or hand directly to the recipient. but i have lots of occasions where i already do one or the other of those, so it's really not a problem. i've left this card sentiment-free because i can see the potential for it working as a few different occasions, and it's nice to have options, right?

speaking of options, there is all kinds of inspiration awaiting you on the SOS blog. why not hop over there and enjoy some right now, darlings? ♥


  1. yes I love a stash of generic cards to finish at will. Absolutely gorgeous card. the stitching is fab. the flowers are gorgeous and of course the collage is priceless!!!

  2. You are so consistent at making these amazing collages and collections of pieces and flowers! I can't believe (well, yes, yes I can...) that you pulled off a fabulous patriotic-looking piece! Brava!

  3. Fabulous, and sometimes a sentiment is superfluous - leave it for the inside.

  4. Lauren, this is so gorgeous, the flowers are amazing, I'm glad you decided to use them on your beautiful card.
    And as always, your eye for combining patterns and textures always amazes me.

  5. This design is so creative and so you! You definitely have the layering gene and your skill in choosing just the right elements is astounding! I wish I had even half of one of your design genes!

  6. Gorgeous!
    Your take on the red white and blue is collage-y and totes fab!!
    I loves it!


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