Monday, June 4, 2018

i can, therefore ICAD!

june first, in addition to beginning the official unofficial countdown to summer, was also the kickoff for the 2018 edition of the index card a day project! if you need more info about the event, or how to join in, be sure to check out daisy yellow art. meanwhile, here are my first few ICADs!

 day 1
tammy garcia creates a 100% optional prompt list for each week of ICAD, and if i had to guess, i'd estimate that it's probably about half and half whether the participants use them or not. it's a wonderful resource, and i love having a fallback for nights when i don't have a plan in mind, but sometimes i just wing it and this was one of those. a one staple collage made from scraps of torn vintage paper, chosen mostly by color.

day 2
one of the prompts on this week's list was "ROLLERCOASTER" and for some reason i had a farily abstract idea about a sort of stylized zen doodle version of the cyclone at coney island. you know... like ya do, lol...

day 3
my favorite thing about ICAD is that it can be literally ANYTHING you want, including something completely different every single night. it's also portable, which is perfect if you happen to be away from home at any point. in this case i shoved a few index cards and favorite pens into my travel art kit and room 323 of the hilton express in elkton, maryland, became my studio space for the evening! 

day 4 
the very first mandala i ever drew was during my freshman year of ICAD in 2012. i never could have guessed that would be the start of SEVEN summers full of index cards and who-even-knows how many mandalas?!

i hope your week is off to a good start, but if not, there's still plenty of time to brew a second pot of coffee and turn this monday thing around!!!


  1. So nice to see your index cards, I need to work on day 3 and 4 but I have jumped ahead to 6 it was easy. Your Mandelas are always awesome. I might try painting with colorburst, I'm not good at splashing them lol.


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