Saturday, July 2, 2016

Under the Strawberry Moon

It's my day on the Eyelet Outlet blog, where I'm musing on the many and varied sources of inspiration. In this case, the expression "Strawberry Moon" (referring to a full moon in the month of June; traditionally thought to be the best time for picking strawberries) How is it possible to be a 50+ year old "word person" and never heard that?? Well, somehow I hadn't, until last week, but as soon as I did, all I could think of was strawberry-themed papercrafting projects. Luckily I had nearly a whole package of luscious Eyelet Outlet Strawberry Brads to help me out!

I made a card first, o'course. You may suspect I built the entire thing around the punny sentiment, but I can neither confirm nor deny such speculation. (Ok, YES!!! You know me too well!)

I scattered Strawberry Brads and strawberry flowers --made from the smallest White Paper Flower Layers with Yellow Oval Bling centers-- in a cascade down the front of the card, surrounding the sentiment, for which I combined die-cut letters and a few tiny alphabet stickers. 

Next I decorated a little cardstock box with more White Paper Flower Layers held on with a Strawberry Brad. Gift-wrapping is probably my favorite "alternate" use for crafting supplies; because really, we all secretly want to receive a very fancy package now and then, don't we?

Were you inspired by the Strawberry Moon, as well? If so, I'd love to see what you made, leave me a link in the comments! ♥


  1. Both card and box decoration are beautiful. That big flower on the box is perfect.

  2. This is awesome! You are the queen of brad-use, and this package is the bomb. Of course somebody would love to receive this! Such creative use of those brads as the flower centers-- perfect aspect. Love reading your blog, have a terrific weekend!

  3. Oh wow, that box is AMAZING..I love it, the card is pretty awesome too, but the box decoration is blowing me away. Cx

  4. Both are very cute. I did not know about the moon either and am about your age. See ya taught something new tp someone. 😃


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