Sunday, July 24, 2016

it's the last week of JULY, people!!!

and whereas the time spent doing ICAD absolutely always flies by much more quickly than ordinary time, this year seems to be moving especially fast. of course, it's been especially fun, too, so i really have no right to whine! in fact, i think i'll post some index cards, instead:

card 47: monochromatic
as far as i'm concerned, there's only one color to have when you're only having one color... and that's HOT PINK! (obviously.) in this case, hot pink stickers, with hot pink outlining, on a hot pink background. 

card 48: aurora borealis or australis

i don't have many rules in ICAD (or life, for that matter, lol) ...except... since this is supposed to be about creative spontaneity, i tend to feel "no do-overs" is a really good policy. but even a self-imposed rule isn't really a rule until you've broken it, so i did. :) 
(even having tried several versions, however, i still don't feel like i really "cracked it" in terms of producing something that either somewhat resembled the aurora borealis OR something i really liked; but it was different and fun and a great excuse to mess around with paints all evening, so i'm ok with that.)

card 49: off-prompt
a conversation in the ICAD facebook group reminded me that it'd been aaaaaaaaaaaaages since i'd made a one staple collage. which is obviously unacceptable.

card 50: paisley
yep. that's paisley, all right.

card 51: purple or violet
a card that went back to the "no do-overs" rule and kicked its butt. b/c this is NOT what i envisioned when i sat down with a few lovely shades of color burst to watercolor some hand-drawn letters... but i just kept going and let it evolve, and i'm really glad i did!

card 52: staircase
inspired by the actual spiral staircase in my home... but in the style of m.c. escher... with colors chosen by hello kitty...

card 53: fortune
i was totally and completely stumped, until i remembered fortune cookies!!!
(and once again the day is saved... by baked goods...♥)

hope you're having the best sunday of the whole entire week, but if not, there's still time to do something FUN or creative or both! (and if you're in the northeastern united states, i hope you're keeping COOL in this heat!) ♥♥♥


  1. Love them all, especially the Buddha with the *pure joy* yellow

  2. wow, love the way your brain works. these are such fun

  3. Great cards! I especially like the one-staple card with the color slide and S&H Green Stamp. (I know a secret pertaining to that, by the way! OOOOH, mystery!)

  4. Again you nailed them all, I like the 'northern lights' one. awesome job.

  5. I love seeing all of your stuff, and feel like I've had a total sneak-preview through Insta... but I don't remember the Northern or Southern Lights one(s)... I like the one at about 8 o'clock... very cool!


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