Sunday, July 31, 2016

narwhals, narwhals, swimmin' in the ocean, causin' a commotion, 'cause they are so AWESOME!

i know some people sing hymns on sunday, but the narwhal song is good, too... and somewhat more pertinent as an introduction to this week's index-card-a-day output:

card 54: aquarium
here's my thought process on this one: "hmmmmm... aquarium... fish, water, coral, seaweed, pebbles, OOOOOH! NARWHAL!" so now you know. :)
(some advice from lovely husband jeff for moments like this, "just go with it")

card 55: olympics
helping out the olympic committee by redesigning the rings logo. not sure they'll have it up and running for the games next week, but i have high hopes for 2018...

card 56: text or texture
what i thought was a super-fast idea --to stamp a rainbow alphabet using 7 or 8 different letter sets-- actually took longer than any other card in this post, but it was fun, at least!

card 57: stickers
the infamous $4 pack of vellum stickers from target makes a triumphant return to a mandala near you!

card 58 (a, b and c): off prompt
when card 57 didn't quite finish off the set, i decided to make "one more card" using the rest of the stickers. turns out, it took three more cards. you can't say you don't get value for money at target, eh?

card 59: tic tac toe or hopscotch
i chose the former, and yeah, it's a looooooooooooooose translation, but i had a blast playing with stencils and ink and pens and... well, it was fun!

 card 60: sorbet
once again, more a case of "inspired by" the prompt than a real interpretation of it. but that's why they're called "prompts" and not, "assigments you must take literally, and YES, we mean you, lauren" right?

card 61: graffiti (out of order)
i deliberately saved this one 'til last because i thought it'd be the perfect vehicle with which to say a ginormous THANK YOU to tammy garcia, to my fellow ICADians, and to all the commenters, cheerleaders and bestowers of little hearts via social media; you have all helped to make this my happiest ICAD ever and i am very grateful! 

and finally, the shot i've waited 61 days to take: the official sprawly ICAD2016, book chock full of this year's colorful, crazy, fun cards. can i get a, "WOOHOO" darlings?!

hope life is treating you well this summer sunday morning, and that your very first week of august will be full of ♥AWESOMENESS♥!


  1. Hi, just stopping by to say how much I love your posts. Your Icads are wonderful and narwhals really made me smile.

    1. thanks very much, denise! i loooooooooove ICAD (i may have mentioned that, lol!) and narwhals and just generally being silly on my blog! i'm happy i made you smile today, i hope you have a great week! ♥

  2. Lauren, you are too freaking cool. I love your art and your enthusiasm! What a great keepsake of the past two months! Cheers!

  3. Great cards again this week. Loved the Olympic Rings.
    Thanks for popping on by 😊.

  4. Another great bunch of ICAD cards. I'm sure your thought process is like the Aquarium one every time you see a challenge. Looking forward to next year already.


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