Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Bit of Spin Control....

...going on at the Eyelet Outlet Blog today. The crafty kind, though, which is much more fun, than election-based hijinks, am I right? so let's see some examples that pertain to cardmaking:

Here I've used three 2" circles punched from vintage sheet music to make a canvas for a cluster of beautiful Eyelet Outlet Stitched Fall Flower Brads and coordinating Mini Flower Brads (I love that these come in more than one size, and a few different colorways!) I've added a diecut sentiment and some messy machine stitching to frame up the collage, and emphasize the stitched detail on the brads.

Another way I love to use circles is in a line or on a grid. This works great with inchies, though in this case I've used a slightly large size to match the medium and small sizes of Purple Paper Flowers I've swapped out for a fourth circle. I've added several sizes of Purple Enamel Dots to the paper flowers and the stamped flowers on my punched circles, to tie them all together.

A few layered strips of Purple Stripe Washi emphasize the strong horizontal line, too; plus they make it really easy to line everything up perfectly! For the record, I had only ONE strip of washi in my original design, but when I saw the offcuts layered on top of each other at the edge of my work table, I thought they looked really cool! :)

What's you're "go to" technique for designing with circles? Tell me in the comments, or better yet, leave me a link, darlings! ♥


  1. Wow great ideas fabulous cards. love the eyelet outlet brads, just bought 5 different packs.

  2. Amazing again! I especially love the card.

  3. Wonderful Lauren, love the stitched card, great brads! Deb xo


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