Sunday, July 17, 2016

paints and inks and pens, oh my!

art supplies are awesome. fact. they're fun to shop for, fun to bring home, fun to look at and ESPECIALLY... they're fun to play with, ANY way you want! i hope you got to spend some quality time with your art supplies this week, but if not, try to squeeze a little art into today, k? even if it's just on an index card, like these:

card 40: surfboard
i know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "hey lauren! why is this called 'surfboard' when there's absolutely no surfboard in this (admittedly kinda cool) little color burst watercolor?" well, just look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out into the ocean and maybe you will see it!
(ok, fine, yes, you've caught me, i got so involved in painting the beach, the ocean and the palm tree that i forgot the prompt was "surfboard"!!! sometimes it's very tiring to be me, lol!)

card 41: longitude and latitude
when i'm really stumped for an idea, i either jump waaaay out of the box, or climb in to its deepest depth. this is the latter. i googled latitude and longitude and got the numbers for our town, which clearly was of no use at all for making an ICAD... or... hey waittaminnit!!!

card 42: yellow
another idea for when you have no ideas: grab a random selection of stencils and one color of art supplies; keep adding layers until you like what you see or run out of time before bed, whichever comes first.

card 43: mint
feel free to use my color burst painting of mint leaves in your color burst painting of a mojito!!! :)

card 44: rainbow making machine
arguably the BEST PROMPT EVER, which is really saying something, since tammy garcia is awfully good at thinking up themes!!!
(ps: i'm happy with my "masheen" though the proud auntie in me feels i must tell you that my niece jillian drew the most amazing cannon with a very fancy control panel which shoots segments of rainbow and it's one of the coolest things i've ever seen in my life!!!!!)

card 45: play on words
i freely confess that i totally copied this, my all-time favorite visual pun, from an artist called jason bergsieker whose original was featured on i can has cheezeburger several years ago, and that it still makes me laugh really hard every time i see it!

card 46: off prompt
yet another idea for when you have no ideas: have a "default drawing" subject. pick something you never get tired of, and just keep doing different versions of it. mine-- as you know-- is the mandala. for this one i laid down the ink first (using sponge applicators), then drew in the lines, then added detail and shading with colored pens. 

i hope you're having a fabulous weekend, but if not, you're quite possibly the only person in the world looking forward to monday, so take a few minutes to revel in the uniqueness of that, won't you?! ♥♥♥


  1. I never tire of seeing your icad offerings, they never disappoint me.The only word I can ever think of is AWESOME. I have yet to try one, but you inspire me everytime you blog them.

  2. *seal-like snorting* Arch enemies - omg, that's funny!

    Such fantastic icards....your drawing skills are awesome! The arch one is my fave (obviously) but I totally love the (non) surfboard one too - it's gorgeous!

  3. All of these are fantastic Lauren. Love these posts.

  4. Wonderful week of ICAD's Lauren but the arches card is my favourite, hilarious! Deb xo


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