Sunday, July 10, 2016

ICAD week 6: with EXTRA color! ♥

because if color is good (and... it is!!!) then it stands to reason that ♥EXTRA COLOR♥ is extra good. obviously. in contrast, something which is not good is if your dishwasher suddenly decides that instead of washing your dishes, it'd be cool to partially dissolve the dishwashing soap powder, use the sprayer function to blast that stuff all over the dishes, then use the heat dry function to bake it onto your (still somewhat dirty) dishes. because if you think, "well it's just SOAP, so it'll be self-cleaning; i'll just soak everything for a bit" let me say that scrubbing the baked on soap crystals off glassware was more difficult than the worst stuck-on-roaster-pan scenario i've ever encountered. on the plus side, when compared to other "dishwashers gone bad" scenarios in which kitchens got flooded and electrical circuits shorted out, i'm feeling VERY lucky. and the rest of the week was fun and full of ICADS, which coincidentally happen to be right here! (what are the odds, lol??!) 

card 33: magic
a loose take on the prompt, with star and flourishes hopefully being a bit wand-like?
 (actually just a great excuse to play with stencils and ink and metallic pens!)

card 34: statue of liberty
another stencil, vintage typewriter, a little hand lettering... yep, that'll work...

card 35: sunflower
i love painting sunflowers! i especially love painting them with colorbursts, then sewing... and sewing... and sewing... on top! 
(plus it's about time SEPIA got a turn in the spotlight, dontcha think?)

card 36: crystal or prism
shocking true confession: i cannot draw a recognizable prism!!! not even with a ruler... not even after a few tries... so please to accept this weirdly shaped carnelian crystal with rune-like markings, made from a combination of painted and sprinkled color burst powders in lieu...

card 37: meditation
i don't meditate, but i do draw mandalas, which is arguably a somewhat related field?
(ps: if you struggle with symmetry and/or hate to measure, gridded cards are awesome!)

card 38: folk art
i was on the verge of going off prompt when i realized there is folk art in EVERY culture, and i needn't stay in the usa; plus i've always wanted to make something that references the "milagros" of mexican folk art!

card 39: lens
i was utterly stumped by this one, to the point where i asked jeff what i should draw! here's the funny thing about that manoeuver: 95% of the time it gets a helpless shrug... but the other 5% results in a slam dunk idea i'd NEVER have thought of. painting the view through the lens of a telescope was definitely a five-percenter. thanks, honey!!! ♥♥♥

and now i'll bid you a fond farewell and send you off into what i hope will be THE BEST SUNDAY of your whole entire week!!! :) but first a question: have you hugged your dishwasher today...??! 


  1. Lauren these are all fabulous! I remain in awe of your amazing talents. Keep em coming.

  2. You are the color queen for sure! Everything is so vibrant. I hate to say that my dishwasher hasn't been used as a dishwasher for more than 2 years now. It's more or less another cabinet with a fold-out door. At this point it would be dangerous to our wood floor to use it and we get along fine without it. So sadly, no hugs.

  3. Awesome, they are all awesome!!! It's me that gives a helpless shrug when I read or see an inspiration prompt. That dishwasher was just nasty to you. Now on daughter said colouring is a form of meditation. ADD & ADHD people don't meditate well the mind is like a squirrel with thoughts darting here there and all over the place.

  4. Awesome indeed! Loving the stars and flourishes, the carnelian crystal is lovely ;O) and kudos to your hubby, inspired lens idea! I haven't hugged my dishwasher today but do occasionally kick it after it leaked water through the floor all over the Christmas ornaments in the basement! Deb xo


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