Sunday, July 3, 2016

HOW can june be OVER already??!?!

yikes, that was a FAST month. but then, time flies when you're making tiny pieces of art on index cards every day!*

card 27: neon sign
if you've known me for more than five minutes, you know i'm obsessed with typography and also with most vintage things. hence my mini-obsession with old signage. which, btw, is fun to draw...

card 26: off prompt
a night that i sat down at 10:30 with NO IDEAS; usually what i do at that point is grab my book of stencils and a box of inks and just see what happens...
(and yes, for the record, i totally swapped the order of cards 26 and 27 entirely so my favorite could be at the top. don't judge me, kthx?)

card 28: dogs or cats
as you know, i don't really draw representationally, and i have no pets. but having stumbled upon the fun and whimsical art of julia marshall on pinterest, i had to have a little play with my colored pencils and the results are... well, vaguely recognizable, lol, so i'm callin' it a WIN!!!

card 29: swimming pool
i started out with a sensible and potentially quite lovely idea of a pool of water in many blendy shades of ink, and wound up with... SEA MONSTER!!!!!!!! i don't even question these things anymore. i just roll with it...

card 30: trivial pursuit
coincidentally this prompt arrived right after i had found a packet of geometrically shaped vellum stickers at target, which included little triangles almost exactly the same size and shape as the pieces from trivial pursuit. it seemed like a sign. so i heeded it.
(the stickers are part of target's "handmade modern" line of art supplies, they come in one packet which has five colors, they cost about $3, you can buy them HERE; i mention all this b/c i've been asked this a few times since i posted these cards on instagram, lol)

card 31: 100
i wondered what would happen if i layered the vellum stickers in a mandala-inspired design, and how many i'd need to fill the entire 3x5" card. the answers were, "it'll look kinda cool" and, "110" respectively. so know we know.

card 32: off prompt
yep, it's officially a continuing series of geometric vellum sticker patterns now. will i EVER post anything else?? well yeah, sure; but i can't guarantee it will be before i run out of the stickers... sorry...

*technically, i believe the expression is "time flies when you're having fun" but to me it's the same thing, really... :) :) :)


  1. :) I got to see these on Insta... yay, bonus view... presents for my eyes! 👀🎁

  2. All are fabulous, such a mind you have there, lady.

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  4. These are very cool. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ICAD cards and especially yours. So glad you posted about it. Your humor cracks me up.


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