Thursday, September 4, 2014

want to see my latest painting?

it's a large scale tribute to mark rothko i like to call "garage interior" which I've executed on ummmm... ok, yeah... it's on the three interior walls of our garage, actually! :) this is how lovely husband jeff and i spent most of the uber-humid labor day weekend. we got two coats of bright white* on the naked dark grey block walls of half the structure, then started moving stuff into place and away from the walls of the unfinished side, which we'll tackle this weekend.

we did take a couple of breaks. on saturday we went to an awesome crafty garage sale at paper anthology in kenvil, nj**; and on monday we went to walgreens for the klutzy one of us (hint: not jeff) to get a tetanus booster after managing to scrape her leg hard enough on a rusty wire stake to draw blood. obviously the saturday outing was infinitely more fun; but holy wow, we were grateful to be able to walk in to the local pharmacy on a holiday and get attention right away!

meanwhile, i've been keeping up with the daily paper prompts at daisy yellow:

dpp031: finishing
the brief here was to catch up on an earlier prompt we hadn't completed, or take a second shot at one we'd already done already. i chose to have another go at slow journaling. i was inspired by elena nuez's beautiful color blending techniques, so i used masking fluid to draw wavy stripes, splashed blobs of paint over the rest of the page, and let the colors mix together somewhat randomly. after it was dry, i rubbed off the mask and wrote on the clean white strips. gotta say right now that i'm ♥IN LOVE♥ with this idea, so apologies in advance for its overuse, lol! :)

dpp032: invent a font
if you're obsessed with lettering and bright colors, as i currently am, this is pretty much as fun as it gets; i couldn't decide on just ONE font or ONE color, so i went a little crazy!

dpp33: art materials color palettes
i'm a little embarrassed to say that i've bought two new pan watercolor sets this summer, but in my defense i have been using BOTH of them. i've always made myself little charts with the colors painted on... (b/c they do look different in the pans!) ...this one is slightly fancier because i was in the mood to play. and it's actually inside the water color sketch book i've been using most often, which is handy.

dpp034: puzzled
this was one of those times that i just started gluing leftover shapes down on a crossword grid to see what would happen. sometimes there's a sort of magic where a collage takes on a life of its own. that didn't actually happen this time, but ti was fun to play with. i do like the stitched scalloppy outline around the edges of the second square, though, i think i'll revisit that sometime!

*i have to confess that i was skeptical on the subject of painting the inside of the garage at all, much less painting it *WHITE* but it is very much jeff's domain out there, and he wanted white walls, so of course i jumped in to help in the same way that he always jumps in to help with my projects even when he doesn't share my "vision". in this case, he was absolutely right: the white makes the room considerably brighter, and his plan to hang as many things as possible right up on the wall makes it super-easy to find exactly what you want. so it turns out, i married an organizational genius. wahey! :)

**thank you, amy t, for the head's up on that one! ♥


  1. Gotta love a crafty business that's open from 5-9 ... looks super-fun (not quite as fun as garage painting, but hey).

  2. Oh boy, I hope it was worth the drive....Nice work in the garage and awesome daily prompts!!!

  3. Oh wow, what a post! The garage is looking infinitely better with the white, I am glad you got your tetanus shot and I hope your scrape is healing well, and you did not over-do the colors in my humble opinion...LOVE! Lastly, the crossword grid collage is so inspiring. You are an amazing talent!

  4. You must be more careful my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't have these scrape situations happening to you!
    LOVE the colors go girl!!!!!!!!!

  5. These are very creative and interesting pieces of art. I just might have to try a few of them myself since I am always trying to find something new to hang up on my walls. I may be a little envious of your nice clean and painted garage, I guess I should get to work on mine. I hope your leg is doing better!

    Machelle Ledoux @ Total Garage Repair


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