Monday, September 29, 2014

just a few...

...daily paper prompts; but some of them are pretty cool. by the way, if you were only going to attempt one of these from the whole entire summer, might i suggest you grab some graph or ledger paper and try number 56? i think you'll find it seriously hypnotic and quite possibly addictive... in a GOOD way!

guest-hosted by anika starmer
i think i could easily sit and make repeating patterns like this until... well, realistically it'd only be until my hand cramped and spasmed past the point of ignoring it, which, in practice is about 45 minutes. but after an ice pack and some wrist exercises i'd be right back at it!

this was going to be just free-formed hills and sky until i started wondering if i'd be able to make a recognizable/interesting tree by tearing up paper scraps. turns out, i could; good to know!
my watchword for this summer, in terms of art, was definitely "FUN"! come to think of it, my watchword in terms of life this summer was also "FUN". but why limit it to summer? i think fun can easily be a four season word, right? possibly  more study is required, and i'm happy to put in the hours in the spirit of pure scientific enquiry. you're welcome, darlings!

happy monday!
here's an idea: how 'bout we all spend today 
trying to make that NOT be a contradiction in terms, ok?!

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