Tuesday, September 23, 2014

it's curtains for all of us!

shower curtains, that is, for everyone playing along at shopping our stash this week; because the challenge is to make a card or project inspired by your shower curtain! a bit unusual, perhaps, but once you stop and think for a bit you might be as intrigued as i was, since shower curtains have really come a long way in the last few years, haven't they? i happen have a couple of cool ones, actually, but my favorite is the one in our master bathroom, so that's what i've used. it's right here in the background of my project photo:

plain white giftbag from michaels; lots of lace and ruffles from my stash; florals and leaves by recollections; everything attached with my trusty low-temp hot glue gun using elmers hot glue sticks

so obviously you can see that in honor of the layers and layers of ruffly white shower curtain i've made a giftbag with layers and layers of ruffly white trimmings! if this idea is a bit familiar it's because i made a couple of similar bags this spring for my mother and aunt. lovely husband jeff requested an additional one to hold his mom's birthday presents, which we'll be celebrating with her next weekend, and of course i was happy to oblige.

just a couple more details on our SOS challenge: if you don't have a shower curtain of your own to love, you can use any of the SOS crews' curtains, they're all featured on the challenge post. whatever shower curtain you do use, of course we'd like to see a photo of it, so be sure to include it in your post in order that we may see how gorgeously you've interpreted the inspiration! meanwhile, speaking of gorgeous, you can see some amazing projects by my DT sisters at shopping our stash!


  1. This has got to be the most intriguing challenge I've ever seen. How fun! Love yours!

  2. Why am I not surprised you have a multi-layered froo-froo shower curtain? OF COURSE you do!!! I can see your more-is-more skillz translate into home decor, too. :D

  3. What a great idea....a gift bag, great take on your shower curtain, this was such a fun challenge.

  4. Wow! Both your shower curtain and the gift bag you made based on it are gorgeous!!
    Ahhhh to live in a world (without boys in my bathroom) where I could have a pretty WHITE, lacey, ruffly shower curtain **sigh**

  5. The bag is elegant and delicate and so well done! Love it!

  6. I want to touch that bag! Such wonderful texture :)


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