Thursday, September 11, 2014

i ♥ watercolor paper!

i realize i've said that a few times this summer, but somehow i just keep marveling over what a huuuuuuuuuge difference it makes to paint on paper that's actually meant to get wet. i know, i know, it's such an obvious point, but somehow it keeps surprising me, lol! here are some more daily paper prompts, many of which involve watercolor paper, and indeed, watercolor paints, as well!

dpp035: messing around with paint with natasha white
this was meant to be more of a jackson pollock inspired exercise, but since i wound up doing it in my living room at 10pm, it became less "flinging of paint" and more "brushing on of paint in quite a random blendy hopefully still interesting way". i did add some splattery bits at the end, after placing my paper in the kitchen sink. (because i'm pretty sure the expressionists never had to clean up after themselves!)  :)

dpp036: pen testing
i got a set of pens at michaels this summer, and i did the "line test" at the front of my book, but you can't always tell from that exactly which pen you want in a given situation. so this time i drew a little bird and did some lettering with each one. i like to put things like this and my color charts right in the watercolor sketchbook i'm most likely to use, so they're easy to refer to.

dpp037: block letters
ok, not to be obnoxious, but i really like this one. probably because after i'd done the lettering itself i couldn't resist the temptation to add in the heart and rays and "finish" it! (which, yeah, is soooo not the point of this exercise but every once in a while a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

dpp038: color grid with hanna andersson
i kind of cheated on this one, or at least, i went off on a tangent; but since i think that somewhat *IS* the point of the exercise, i just rolled with it. i still really like the idea of masking bits before painting and then going back and adding something in the negative space. so i did! :)

dpp029: paint lines
i did have distinct lines at the beginning of the exercise, but midway through they became blendy stripes. so again... i just rolled with it...

dpp040: create a list
here's a time when watercolor paper wasn't the best choice: if you want smooth script from a fine nibbed pen, you really need paper that's totally smooth. good to know!

happy thursday, everyone, 
let's get out there and win one for the gipper!!! 
(or, you know, if you aren't sporty just g'head and have a moderately 
nice day in which you're kind to yourself and others!)


  1. These are all really nice! Yes, watercolor paper is named that for a good reason.

  2. Okay, here goes:

    DPP035: LOVE this one, including the splats. I use a box for flicking so it's all contained.

    DPP036: GENIUS! I have 3 pens and I still should do this. And YOU DREW THOSE BIRDS?!?!! *impressed*

    DPP037: It's like adding things to a sketch challenge. You did the block letters, then embellished them. 'Nuf said.

    dpp038: LOVE the masked areas with words stuffed into them later!

    dpp039: There is such a fine line (how punny) between painted lines and painted stripes, I think you're good with this one.

    dpp040: Yeah, watercolor paper is kinda rough. I get the kine where one side is smoother than the other. Maybe try using the smoother side. That's what we do when we want to stamp on a water colored background.

    PS: I'm sill on prompt 4 or 5. #FAIL

  3. How do you find time to create all of these and do other posts? The bird page alone looks like hours of, what a fabulous sketchbook you must have! It is publish-worthy, my friend! You should be famous. I love all of these, but especially the birds and 9 square color grid ("Be the change...") Seriously, I would buy an art book published by you!

  4. You color my world...such a fabulous post filled with lovely eye candy.

  5. Fantastic informative and inspirational post, Lauren!! I learned a lot! Also, congratulations on the milestone 400 followers!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. You are a brilliant artist. That is all. :)


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