Thursday, August 29, 2013

so much for keeping up!

with posting my daily paper prompt pages. but then, the best laid plans of mice and men do often go awry. which makes me wonder... why mice?? i mean, when thinking of animals who would excel at planning well enough to get second billing to men, i'm not sure mice are *my* first choice. because foxes are sly... which suggests intelligence and probably a bit of planning, or at least a willingness to WAIT to attain a goal. beavers are impressive architects, which implies a certain amount of prowess and the completion of many tasks, in the correct order. chimpanzees have been known to make and use tools in order to achieve an objective. but in terms of thinking ahead, it's hard to beat the clever squirrel, who spends the late summer months finding and storing away enough food to last an entire winter! on the other hand, i suppose i can see how, "the best laid plans of squirrels and men..." failed to offer sufficient poetical gravitas to robert burns. so mice it is. wanna see some journal pages?

019: the blues
this prompt was suggested and hosted by patricia from magenta matters, and it was a fave of mine. i used paints thru a stencil, did some paper collage on top, and finished off with some random... blue... rub-ons. et voila!

020: mail art
i know, i know, i should've made a REAL piece of art and mailed it to somebody, but i got carried away with my vintagey bits. ah well.

021: stamp a mandala
for once i did EXACTLY what i was told! (please notice and applaud, 'cause WHO KNOWS when/if it'll ever happen again, lol!) of course, then i added paper flowers. and lots of stitching. embellishment junkie? ummmmmm... yeah... that'd be me...

022: mapping
here's an idea that was sooooooooooooo awesome inside my head: paste a whole lotta maps together to make one big, new, uber-map of an imaginary place. in real life, it didn't quiiiiiiite work, or at least the result of this attempt does not look nearly as cool as i had hoped. maybe there is not enough variation in map styles or... well... ok, i don't really know why this doesn't excite me, but i'm fine with it being what it is. and who knows, i might take another crack at it one of these days!

023: draw a mandala
another big win for following directions!!! what are the odds??! but seriously, i really like this one. and i'm sure you'll be seeing more of these because they are so much fun!

024: ATCs
my favorite part of this page is actually not the ATCs themselves, although i like them. my favorite part is the clear plastic pocket thingie i constructed to hold the cards on the page. here's a shot that shows it better:

yeah... you can take them out, or move them around or... whatever! ok, admittedly, i'm probably the only one who finds this exciting, but don't worry, because i definitely find it exciting enough for ALL OF US, darlings!!! so you're welcome, lol! :) :) :)


  1. Oh, WOW - with a capital W!!!!! Sensational!! Love each one of them.

  2. Ha, should see what my uncle's can construct if he leaves her alone in the yard for too long.....

    Fabulous pages, lady! I especially love the atc and their you're not the only one who finds that exciting.

  3. These are just absolutely fabulous!

  4. Well the poem was written to a mouse... but you already knew that didn't you ? :-)


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