Thursday, August 8, 2013

why this tuesday was the best one of the whole entire summer!

i can sum it up in two words: amy tsuruta*!!! ♥ yep, she was in new york, and we got to meet up! she and her awesome kids came to the metropolitan museum of art with me, where we caught the utterly fab PUNK: chaos to couture exhibit. then we headed up to the roof for a few photos:

yes, i know, i have a goony expression. i always have a goony expression in photos! i'm also *literally* a foot taller than miss amy. in this pic, i am half-sitting on the parapet... and i've still managed somehow to loom! ah well. nothing can dull my enthusiam for what i feel must be pretty close to the PERFECT summer day in nyc. even the weather, which can be (and has been!) seriously humid, was lovely!

also on the roof of the met this summer, is imran qureshi's amazing painted floor! a different artist is commissioned each year, and the art is always bold, but this is almost breath-taking, in a number of ways! it's also the back-drop for what i think is my best shadow self-portrait to date:

while on the upper east side, of course i couldn't resist showing off the guggenheim and the (currently being renovated) cooper hewitt museum. to have two such remarkably lovely... and remarkably different... pieces of architecture within a block of each other always blows my mind!

as does the gelato at ciao bella, though admittedly in a completely different way! did i mention it was the ♥PERFECT♥ summer day in new york? well, it bears repeating! thank you amy, and thanks also to the girl and to the boy, for sharing a little piece of your vacation with me, what a pleasure to hang out with you guys! come back SOON!!! ♥♥♥

*in case you're wondering, "is she as lovely and friendly and amazing IRL as she seems online?" the answer is, "nope... she's actually EVEN NICER!" so now you know!!! ♥


  1. *jealous of you both!*
    SO COOL. Awesome that the weather cooperated, and just fabulous that you got to meet & hang out! Bloggy friends are the best :)

  2. Sounds perfect ... Shame I couldn't join you guys!

  3. you are one lucky girl!!!!!!!!! so glad you had a perfect day!!! :)

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank you....for being our own personal tour guide...helping us guide our way through the NY subway system...making sure we all made it out of the subway....paying for our fares....sharing all of your wonderfully clever are a wealth of information and knowledge!!!!! We had thee most lovely time with you....the kids LOVED the Metropolitan Museum of Art and yes, the gelato!!

    I'm so hijacking that picture of the 2 of us!!!!!!

  5. How fabulous that you got to guide another creative soul through the city and share all of the places you love ... the flower roof top is indescribably cool.

  6. Oh!!! You guys got to meet up! That's awesome. I got your post card. Thank you. ;) I wish I could have came. One day I'm making it up there. Hopefully this coming up summer. I want to so bad. Trying to talk Lewis into a New york trip where we all go and I can get away with you one day! ;)


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