Sunday, August 4, 2013

...and DPP begins!

that is the daily paper prompt, as devised and hosted by miss tammy at the daisy yellow art blog. this is a fitting and equally inspirational follow-up to the awesomely addictive index card a day project, and a great time to jump into... or back into... art journaling!

001: goodness
what can i say? i like to start any new creative enterprise with a collage. although i want DPP, like ICAD, to be much more about process than outcome, there's something to be said about swinging for the fence on your first time at bat. (sorry about the sports metaphor, i'm not sure where that came from, and it won't be repeated any time soon!!!) translation: if you ♥LOVE♥ first page, it just totally fires you up to keep going!

when last we spoke, i was debating between sticking with the 3x5" index card format, or moving into a traditional (larger!) art journal. in the end i split the difference. having rediscovered this (paritally used) garage-sale-derived accounting ledger, i realized it was perfect for me! because i love the look of a bound book, but prefer working on and photographing loose pages. the cover of this pops off and on easily for maximum access, which is ideal. on the other hand, it's *BIG*... but there's nothing to say one has to fill every page!

002: rainbow
again i am loving the fact that tammy is posting a prompt every day for our inspiration! some days i go off in my own direction, but often i find myself thinking about a previous entry and wondering how i would interpret it. so i do it then. technically this day was "paint a rainbow" but i was in a washi tape sort of mood! :)

if you are in the mood for total ♥EYE CANDY♥ and massive inspiration, check out the daisy yellow blog and/or the flickr group!


  1. Love your rainbow....look forward to seeing more! I am playing along too!

  2. Sports metaphor? I definitely had to read it more than once, lol. I so love seeing what you come up with :)


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