Sunday, August 11, 2013

more giant ledger goodness!

i've been having a blast playing in my new art journal, with inspiration and the good example of tammy, our hostess for the daily paper prompt, and the fabulous work being posted by all of the daisy yellow readers!

003: flowers
i'm still hooked on monochromatic layers; trying to get as much "depth" into flat pages as i possibly can. also pretty into silhouettes right now; i made this one while cutting out a figure from a magazine... the layer i held behind the lady was of this cool anna aspnes paper with the clouds and trees.

004: windows
again a lot of layers on top of the page, and then a large star... plus lots of small punched dots... cut out to reveal a bit of the page below. (which, yeah, is actually the one i made BEFORE this b/c i liked what you could see of it better; the advantage of working with a ledger is the cover lifts off so you can re-arrange pages any time you want!)

005: linear
this was going to be a grid of objects, centered around the 1970's instamatic photo of my family in a boat on a vacation we took one year to canada. i'm not sure how it became a super-inky scrapbook page, but i think i kinda like it! :) 

006: punk window
no one's gonna "get" this except amy t and me, which is fine. we saw these amazing wrinkled crinkly plastic dresses at the met's fabulous punk exhibit, and i was thinking how cool it would be to use wrinkled crinkly plastic as a window on a page. i've sandwiched a few roughly torn magazine images into the plastic, and sewn on one of my instagrams taken on the roof of the museum that same day. then i tried to create some chrysanthemums like the ones imran qureshi had painted there. this is one of the oddest things i've made... and i think maybe my favorite... it really sums up that day for me AND contains so many new ideas i want to continue exploring. i'm not sure it's actually interesting to anyone else, so i'm sorry about that, but i promise to post something really PRETTY and polished looking on tuesday! ♥

007: leftovers
this has more plastic as in the idea above, which i've used to make really rough magazine image transfers, and then embedded with scraps of paper. oh yeah and i stitched some clusters of flowers on top! :) again, a page that's ALL ABOUT process, as opposed to outcome. the leftovers of the title refer to some of the bits on the page, but mostly to the fact that i still had A LOT of ideas i wanted to try out, and this seemed like a great place to write them down.


  1. I am following Tammy and her Daily Paper Prompts too.....but I decided to try to make a collage with all of the prompts on one piece....I think I may have made a mistake in doing that.
    I . LOVE . YOUR. ART !
    always have. As a stamper and papercrafter you always made me stretch a bit. And now with all your mixed media. well....darn....
    You are simply a whole lot of talent rolled up into one neat little package.
    Thank you for sharing and making me stretch again.

  2. You ... Amy T ... Punk Exhibit ... Jealous. Love every single one of these ... so amazing ... and that big ledger book is magical.

  3. It sure does look like you've been having some fun in your journal. Awesome pages my friend.


  4. Wow, so many great pages! Lately I've been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to my own art journal, so I'll definitely check out the Daily Paper Prompt--thanks for the link!

    Thanks also for your kind comments on my Star Wars page. :)

  5. these ledger pages are fantastic!!

  6. Ooh I'm very inspired by the layers one. Wow... You are doing so good with these! I love them.


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