Monday, August 19, 2013

monsta monday?

turns out, my bff's birthday at the beginning of august was just the spur i needed to turn a large ziploc baggie full of colorful little crocheted bits into not one... not two... but *THREE* awesome amigurumi creations!* so i figure i will string them out over the next couple of weeks, just to add a little variety to the ol' blogstead. ready? ok then... meet tsai:

hellllllllooooo ladies! i am tsai. yes, yes, i know you find me irresistible; afterall, you're only human... or... whatever. in turn i deeply admire you, particularly your excellent taste! 
tsai hails from the land of crochet bakemono, which technically makes him a monster, but he prefers the term "love god". he's made of yarn, felt, and pheromones. tsai's hobbies include being chased by legions of adoring ladies, being caught by legions of adoring ladies, and the films of antonio banderas; who, by the way, has modeled his entire career on tsai. luckily for antonio, tsai's a lover... not a fighter. grrrrrrrrr. ;)

*what can i say? i like the crocheting part a lot more than the sewing-all-the-bits-together part of amigurumi. sad but true; i'm a finish-o-phobic. :0


  1. I so wish you could hear me giggling like a fool at your hilarity :) How your writing just tickles my funny bone, Lauren - and the fact that I too am a finish-o-phobe. Crocheting is way more fun if you don't have to do the b.s. work of sewing it all together after!
    Also, pheromones, hmmm? I need to pick up some of!!!

  2. Sooo cute...what an adorable monsta!

  3. That is one cute looking monster :)

    Best crafty wishes!
    Staying Crafty

  4. Oh my word ... ADORE him ... the pink, the big eye ... those awesome eyelashes ... too stinkin' cute (FYI the crochet bakemono link is broken ... looks like you pasted in text rather than a link).

  5. Ooh!! he is so cute~!! You know...another Bff of yours bday is Oct.... I would really love a little crochet'd rug for my dolly house. Bright colors? Purty please! :)


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