Thursday, August 1, 2013

the end of ICAD

have to tell you that i'm about bursting with pride at having finished all 61 days of the index card a day project... and finished ON TIME, at that! go, me! here are my last four cards:

058: elephant
the topic came from the week nine prompt list, and elephants say "india" to me, so it wasn't hard to bring in a little of everything i love, including hindi newspaper for the paper-pieced elephant.

059: label
another idea from the same list, which i actually read on the day i opened an uber-fancy bar of soap as part of a birthday package from my friend lelia; the wrapper is made of sturdy glossy cardstock and has pretty illustrations inside too, so i made it into a little journaling card.

060: oodles of (flower!) doodles
twin inspiration based on the prompt list AND the many cool doodled flowers tammy has shown us in the last two months; mine got a bit fancified as an excuse to break out the water soluble crayons and practice shading a little bit.

061: thank you!!!
it only seems right to address the last card in the series to tammy, our hostess, and to all of the other participants whose work and comments are so inspiring! 
thank you for a wonderful 61 days!

i have to admit that i've been wondering and secretly hoping that the daily paper prompts would follow ICAD in the same way they did last year... and in this post tammy announced that they would! (HOORAY!) so if you've been wondering if you'd enjoy making a little something just for yourself each day (or every other day, or even once a week!) this would be a fantastic time to jump in and try it out, dontcha think?! i'm still debating whether to keep the index card format (plenty of room left on the big honkin' ring!) or move into a regular art journal, or maybe split the difference and do postcard sized or a playing card album or... well, i did *say* i'm still debating! we'll see what happens when i sit down tonight! until then, ciao, darlings! ♥


  1. these are so nice...i especially like your little elephant card.

    congrats on finishing the project!!

  2. Awwwww, the end of ICAD. Now I'm bummed. Loved all your icads! And your cover is fab!

  3. Love your cards...I'm proud of us...I did all 61 too!

  4. Such bright colors...fabulous cards!

  5. What is this "On Time" you speak of? I am confused. Is it a paper line? *snort* Oh dear, laughing at my own bad jokes...
    I have absolutely loved seeing all your icads - so much fun to just PLAY and enjoy yourself, and it shines right through!


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