Wednesday, August 21, 2013

keeping up!

with posting my daily paper prompt pages, i mean. trying to be a little more resolved and organized about photo-ing as i go; so i don't wind up with additional embarrassing 8-page posts. so here's a nice little three-fer for ya! yay! :)

016: dictionary love
i DO love dictionaries, as a matter of fact: i love collecting them, i love looking stuff up in them, i love using them in art.* i found the alan watts quote online; the line-drawn-lady was on the cover of a catalog.

017: chandelier
the fixture in question is from a very old (but still available!) set of digi brushes, i had printed it out on a transparency (probably to fill in a page; inkjet transparencies are not cheap!) which i found the other night; it's the centerpiece of my BIGGEST stapled collage to date, woohoo. i have to confess that i needed three strategically placed staples to hold this one together; i just couldn't keep everything on there AND visible with only one this time.

018: travel
ok, technically, the brief for this one was to create a travel art kit, but since i already have a long-established one of those (there's a photo midway through this post!) i decided to go off on a tangent. so i did. and i like it! :)

*the books i use in my collages are already-damaged and bought specifically for that purpose from book sales, garage sales, and the pile of orphaned coverless things which seems to dwell in the foyer of every library throughout the world. if you ever wonder, "WHO buys those?"... now you know. :) i've written a couple of post about cutting up books, and i'm especially proud of this one, which describes my oprah-style "lightbulb" moment on this subject; this one's ok, too; and this one has a pretty good footnote on what i call "dead books walking". suffice it to say that beautiful, pristine, perfect or rare volumes not only NEVER meet such a fate at my hands, they have a large and most-honored place in my home! ♥♥♥

ps: weirdly enough, the one category of people who never even cringe when they hear that some of the less-than-perfect volumes i buy are destined for my art lair and not my bookshelves are... wait for iiiiiit... LIBRARIANS! because no one better understands the vastly impossible logistics involved in trying to reverently and permanently preserve every single copy of every single book in the world. afterall, just how do you think all those ex-library books wind up FOR SALE at booksales, anyway?? yeah. circle of life, my friends. circle of life.


  1. LOVE these! All of them look fab!

  2. I am off to read those other posts....I too have gotten some stern in-person criticism for massacring books. I happen to totally agree with you.
    That Alan Watts quote? Swear to peanuts that's how I feel when I get asked to do those little bios :)

  3. Yep, my personal librarian keeps me well stocked with maps, books, magazines and other things destined to be recycled ... so why not recycle them into art.

  4. "Who buys those?" Gina and Lauren do... many of them ... all kinds of them... always in the search of more.. haha :)

  5. Pffft!!! Circle of life.... hahahaa I almost spit coffee out on my computer. So true.. so true. *snip snip*


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