Saturday, August 17, 2013

giant bumper crop of art journaling

hooray for catching up! although actually, i've never been more than about a day behind in making pages for the daily paper prompt. the bottleneck always comes is in the photo-n-post phase. this time it's a little embarrassing. i blame the summer cold i've been fighting, the main symptom of which seems to be extreme laziness! :)

008: window/faded
i'm still obsessed with cutting holes in my pages and then strategically filling them in. this is my favorite version to date. the doilies, butterflies and dalai lama quote are on this page. the soft faded face illustration is on the page behind... with a soft faded pink transparency on top.

009: faded
oh yeah and a whole bunch of sentiment rub-ons, too! mostly because i always have a ZILLION extra of those and wanted to play around with new ways of using them

010: ogee pattern
still diggin' the water soluble wax crayons, and trying to practice blending them so the colors are smooth... without taking off ALL the pigment in the process. and yeah, my ogee is a little OMG... but i still like it!

011: stitched paper
the majority of my pages have stitching on them, but for this one i planned it from the start and the stitching is actually holding most of the paper scraps on the page; with only a tiny bit of dryline glue to keep the (semi) log-cabin-quilt pattern from shifting around.

012: round
all of these were found in my "pre-cut" file, except for monet's waterlillies which is a postcard that serendipitously arrived from my friend deborah on the day i made this page.

013: grid
a collage made on a ledger page grid using scraps of paper which all have grids or numbers or both. why?? why not!!! ♥

014: saturated color/another grid
more water soluble crayon blending; this is actually a chart which shows what each crayon looks like in action, because not all of them really look like the labels suggest.

015: words
i found this ♥AWESOME♥ audrey hepburn quote online... in english... a few weeks ago, whilst googling for something completely different. and by golly, paris *IS* always a good idea! (but then audrey would never steer us wrong, would she?!)


  1. Wow! These are sooo much fun! Love the Audrey quote! Your colour grid is fabulous (and useful eh?) and your cabin quilt is fantastic!

  2. These are wonderful. Love them all..


  3. gorgeous the colors and the ogee pattern!

  4. OMG!!! Happiness and faded are so cute! I really really love those. You are rocking these prompts.


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