Sunday, April 8, 2012

much in the same way i could not eat just *ONE* chocolate egg*...

...i could not choose just *ONE* hilarious easter lol, so i decided to throw a few up here for your holiday enjoyment:

happy easter! 
(to those who are celebrating)
happy passover!
(if that is your preferred holiday)
happy spring!
(assuming you happen to be in the northern hemisphere)
just a very 
pleasant sunday!
(to be absolutely on the safe side) matter how many or few of the above apply to you... 
do feel free to eat waaaaaaaaaaaaay more candy 
than is really good for you today, darlings!

*whereas you could leave me alone in a room FULL of jelly beans and peeps and know there would be exactly the same amount when you returned. even as a child, i never really understood the point of non-chocolate candy. go figure! :)


  1. Funny! I totally lmao at Mittens the Destroyer. Happy Easter (or your chosen holiday) as well.

  2. Happy easter sweet girl and love the images.
    Big hugs

  3. these are great!! lol
    happy Easter girl :)

  4. Happy Easter to you too. We would be a good pair...I never really understood chocolate. More of a candy and jelly bean girl myself. Together we could rid the world of sweet treats!

  5. LOL & happy easter Lauren :-)

  6. These are so CUTE and FUNNY! LOVE!! Hope you had a FANTABULOUS EASTER!

  7. I'm with Deena - more jelly beans for me!!!

  8. I hope you had a happy Easter! I'm totally slacking on my blog and others. I've been working on videos like a fiend and I had a horrible stomach flu this week. No excuses, but I'm full of em! I love that pug lolz. :)


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