Thursday, April 19, 2012

vintage paper is like *CATNIP* to me!

so much so that, whereas ordinarily my eyesight is nothing to write home about, i have been known to focus in, steve-austin-like, upon a collection of old postcards or beautifully patina-ed sheet music from anything up to several city blocks away! ok, not really, but i can usually spot them from across a crowded church hall... and woe betide any fellow rummage sale shopper who disregards my zobmie-like perambulations and gets between me and my chosen love object!

i especially love playing cards and game pieces... like, for example, these:

at some point i realized (ok this could be slightly embarrassing if it wasn't actually also VERY COOL, imo!) that i had enough of such items to assemble full-sized, 52-card DECKS with every single card being different! and thus was the eclectic deck born. :)

of course, in my etsy shop they look more like this:

they come in full size (52+ different cards) and half size (26+) and include everything from playing cards of every shape and size, to foreign language and math flash cards, plus game cards, tarot cards, alphabet cards, vocabulary cards, memory game tokens, carnival tickets, play money... and lots more! by the way, the photo at the top of this post actually shows what's inside this particular packet, in order to give an idea of the contents. but every single deck is different, so like the well-known gumpian box of chocolates, you never know exactly WHAT you're going to get... which, to me, makes them even cooler!

if you'd like to see some things i've created using this sort of ephemera, why not pop over to the pixie blog today, where coincidentally (what are the ODDS??!?!) there's just such a post! whilst there, be sure to scroll down and leave a comment to enter my giveaway, as well! ciao for now, darlings! ♥


  1. I know how awesome are these, because i have one of them! : )

  2. totally fun stuff...seriously...

  3. looks like some fun items!!

  4. these packs are sooo cool...saw them in your etsy shop and drooled over them for a while, then snapped back into more buying, no more buying...slap my hand...


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