Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fly away with me!

it's time for april's pixie dust paperie challenge, and this month the theme is "fly away with me"! 

your assignment is to create a project that's related in some way to the city of your choice: new york, london, paris, rome... somewhere you've been, or would like to go? the place where you live, or where you grew up?'s up to you!  just link it up at this pixie post between now and april 30th for a shot at a $15 gift certificate to the pixie shoppei don't think anyone will be too shocked to learn that my project is inspired by san francisco, seeing as how i have just visited that lovely city for the first time:

(photo from a vintage travel book; patterned paper: pink paislee, anna griffin, creative imaginations; transparencies: hambly; foam alphas: american crafts; tape: freckled fawn, bazzill; fabric flowers: prima; glossy black cardstock and plastic alphas: tim holtz/ranger; ink: color box, stewart superior; heart sticker: ek success; adhesives: xyron, tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, glue dots, uhu gluestick, sewing machine; other: plaing chipboard, book ring, japanese newspaper; digi: photobooth frames #2 by katie pertiet, designer digitals)

i made an extra large travel book this time; whereas i generally make them 9.25 x 4.5" this one is 11.5" by nearly 5"! other than that, i pretty much stuck to my usual routine of making the "bones" of the book--printed pages sandwiched between plain chipboard covers--before the trip; this time, since i knew it was going to be a three-part trip, i also added in some transparencies as dividers:

here are the supplies i took... you can see it's just the basics plus a few clear stamps and an ink pad; in actual fact, i never used the latter; i always think i will get a bit "artsy" on my pages and it never happens, you would think i'd just accept that, eh?!

whilst i was in san francisco (and later carlsbad, ca, followed by las vegas, nv) i spent about 15 minutes each night writing what we did that day, and using the hole punch or stapler to add in the ephemera i was collecting from the places we visited: ticket stubs, postcards, menus, museum badges, bus (and train and cable car!) passes, brochures, stickers, business cards, etc, etc; so that by the time i came home, my book looked like this, and was 90% done! (all i've done since then is decorate the cover, and add a few photos... more on that in a minute!) 

you can also see the three sections are pretty equal; i really love my "dividers"... much so, i thought i'd add in a few more transparencies to hold my photos, which i've mostly formatted into little filmstrips in order to incorporate the most images in the least space... also because some of the pics i really wanted to use were frankly just not all that fabulous, so making them a bit smaller really helped! :)

here you can see what some of the photo pages look like IN the book; i love that you get a glimpse of the things behind them... and of course when you flip the pages over you get a glimpse of the things in *front* of them, which is equally cool!

here's a shot of the back of the book, which basically coordinates with the front:

and finally one of the "stacked" book... which makes me want to flip through it and re-live this awesome trip once again!!!

be sure to stop by the pixie blog to see the amazing projects created by our uber-talented pixie challenge design team!!!


  1. This is fabulous ... Wish i'd thought of doing this whenever I went away ...

  2.!! Absolutely AWE INSPIRING and AMAZING!!

  3. Oh my goodness.. I just love this your book.. What a great way to remember such a lovely trip!!

  4. oh my... okay, Lauren, so you said something about not being able and canvas-stuff etc yada yada. Let me tell you, there's absolutely NO way I could case this!!!!! WOW!! I'll have to add some Dutch words here (I'm Dutch, that's why :)
    "Dit is echt helemaal te gek gaaf super cool wauwiedewaus!!!!" Which freely translates into "Holy Cow, that's super stunning cool!!!" :)

    Thnx for visting my blog and leaving me comments which gave me a huge smile and laughing pains!

    hugs and happy day to you!
    Wendy of AppleApricot

  5. totally AWESOME!!!
    funny that i live 3 hrs from S.F. and have never been!! lol

  6. Ahhhh.... I LOVE seeing your beautiful travel book, and I am learning a lot here, that might help with working on the travel book you gave me! : )
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea!!!!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet wonderful words about my Jingle Belles card. This is an awesome project you have featured here. WOW WOW WOW! What a great way to remember your travels!

  8. Yes, please!! Do you sell these on etsy perhaps? I'd love to buy one :))
    Very fun.

    Wendy W.

  9. hi wendy, it's funny you ask, because i *AM* just starting to sell these in my etsy shop TONIGHT! thank you so much for your interest, i hope you will check them out!!! ♥ lauren

  10. Checking them out as I type. Thanks!!


  11. This book is so cute!! I'm just in love with it. I want one just like it, though its looking like I won't be going to San Fran for awhile. I will be taking a driving trip w/ my parents this summer (we're going to VA, then D.C area, then Ohio) Its going to be a long trip. I want to buy one of your travel books. Must go check out your Etsy. (also I know I still have not done your shoes. I'm a slacker at everything but videos lately. I do have a youtube channel now and making videos regularly. lol) If you want to see me be a dork on youtube I can send you a linkie. :)


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