Monday, April 2, 2012

admit it, you'd go! :)

i'd go.
'specially onna monday morning! :)

but then, deer have always seemed pretty trustworthy to me.
now... if it were, say, kangaroos...
forget it--those guys are just NUTS!
and obviously i'd need a great deal of convincing to embark on any type of adventure with non-herbivores!

if ya need me, i'll be out in the driveway... 
you know... 
just on the off chance... 

(happy new week and new month, darlings!)


  1. Brilliant!!! Happy April to you!

  2. And pelicans. Heaven alone knows we wouldn't get in a car with pelicans!

  3. :-))))) Happy April Lauren!

  4. That'll be me. I'll drive up to your place and be like "get in the car. We have some art shopping to do!". Lets go! hahaha


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