Monday, April 30, 2012

it's the last monday of april...

...and i think we might need a few extra lols! 
who's with me?!? 

yeah, that works for me, thanks.
moving on:
ok, so, am i the only one who wonders if this...

...might by any chance be richard simmons' dog??!
(it could just be the tank top, though!)
and finally:

look out MONTH OF MAY... here we come!!!


  1. Laughing my socks off!! Thanks for that!

  2. Ahahahaha that pug one is hilarious. Would totally fit into my book you made me. Leo still loves that book so much. I swear you'd think you made it for him. He carries it around and looks through it and laughs. Then he shows Logan a pic and they laugh. Its holding up to a 4 yr old beating too surprisingly. :)


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