Thursday, June 23, 2011

APP-solutely ♥devilish♥ amigurumi giveaway!

it's been too long since we've had an amigurumi giveaway, dontcha think?! so let's have one NOW!!! this handsome devil was made with an excellent & easy-to-follow pattern from simple arts planet:

i did the crocheting on my california trip, the finishing on our drive down to visit LHJ's parents, and the mouth sitting on my couch last night. the backdrop in the photo is made of harley-davidson papers that i brought to make a card for my b-i-l; the little toolbox is from home depot and intended to hold a giftcard... i'm planning to put little candies in it for nephew matthew's birthday. don't ask me why i thought these items would make for a nice picture, but i did. i also have AC/DC's "highway to hell" stuck in my head now. go figure.

at the moment, my favorite thing in the world is my early-birthday-present ♥i-phone♥, so to be eligible for the giveaway, howsabout you leave me a comment recommending your favorite APP? if you don't "do" apps, you can leave me a link to a blog or website, instead; or if you're realllllllly old skool, you can tell me a book you love. although if you're THAT old skool, it's hard to see what you'd be reading this post on! :)

enter as many times as you like, we'll keep this open until... let's say wednesday, june 29th at midnight? and i'll announce the winner (via random draw) on the 30th.

♥good luck, darlings!♥


  1. devilishly your whole photography set when is your real birthday? iPhone...lucky duck... I don't have one but when I do...I'm getting one of these apps:

  2. ok right now i have an itouch but for my birthday i'm finally getting an iphone (cos they're now on verizon and my LHJ works for them LOL) - anywho
    my favorite apps - Words with Friends free version :-)
    Martha's everyday food
    and my Grocery G (i forgot who makes it but its for my grocery lists! i love it!)
    and i'm just sharing - i have enough devils in my life LOL

  3. Heeeeeeeyyyy! I resemble that remark! I don't have an i-anything, and I don't "do" apps, but I do BLOG. And tweet. I like to think I straddle that fence fairly well. :)

    Oh, and don't let me win. As cute as the little bugger is, I have no where to put him.

    But I might - MIGHT, upgrade my crackberry to an Android to be able to play Words With Friends. If you like Scrabble, you'd love it, or so all my tweeps tell me. Ooooh, we could plaaaaayyyyyyy!


  4. EASY? Yeah, right missy! ;D
    I tried and tried... but I don't think "easy" ever came to *my* house! YOU make the most awesome things though, and often make me want to try again.... Curses!
    As for apps, well, I have an iPod Touch instead of the phone... but I will say that I have spent MANY, MANY hours playing Angry Birds. Not exactly highbrow, I know, but so *fun*! :D

  5. ohmygosh, been missing visiting your bloggie, miss lauren! things have been too hectic! i always love your arigurumi dolls. i really wanted to learn to how to make those awhile now. you're so good! love that devil.
    btw, that little tool box is the cutest thing!!
    hehe, i don't have an iphone ;p'. haven't gotten to read any books sad ;p'.
    hope you are having a fabulous week! wishing you a happy aloha friday and weekend! *hugs* steph :)

  6. How stinkin' cute is that little guy ... I don't use many app, but Bejeweled is my go-to app when I'm sitting in a waiting room. Congrats on the new phone ... I'm officially jealous, since I don't even have texting on my plan.


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