Saturday, June 25, 2011

"banner day" birthday card

it's hard to believe that i'm already showing my last project from june's pixie dust paperie kit, SUMMER OF LOVE... where exactly did this month *GO*?

this might be my favorite card of the whole month, though, actually; it was definitely the most fun to make:

i stenciled and misted and sewed the fun star background... (which, being tone-on-tone-on-tone, doesn't show up as well as i'd like in the photo, but is quite cool irl) ...then i paper-pieced and hand-embroidered the cupcake... and then i WENT NUTS with the fabulous sassafras flag banner stickers in the kit! well, you get an entire 12x12 sheet of 'em, so i could afford to go crazy; i used a few on maddie's gift bag, as well, and i still have two-thirds of the sheet leftover!

more details on the pixie blog, where it's well worth scrolling through the rest of this month's GORGEOUS pixie goodness!!! :)


  1. Super cool, I love how you used those banners!

  2. It's gorgeous Lauren - love that banner! Jo x

  3. sosooooooooo soosoooooo CUTE and FUN! I agree...where did June go?!

  4. oooh, fun. love all the great banners.

    lisa a.

  5. **sigh**

    cupcakes and banners...doesn't get much better than that.

  6. I like it! Cool combining the banners!

  7. So super cute!!! I love all the banners on this birthday card! The yellow stars in the background are darling, but the stitching around them??!!! Stunning! Love it!

  8. sew adorable! Gonna have to retire the glitter and break out the sewing machine! hahahaha
    another great inspiration!


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