Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what's a "business card purse"?

it's one of these, o'course! i think i might have invented it! :)

i made this one with the june pixie dust paperie kit, SUMMER OF LOVE. it's for my sister amie, who's an "initials inc" consultant; she sells their gorgeous line of personalized and monogrammed handbags, totes and accessories online and at home parties, so obviously she NEEDS a little purse-shaped box in which to keep her business cards, right?!

there are more details and pics on the pixie blog today, i hope you'll enjoy seeing them as well as the full list of fabulous supplies and goodies in the cool new kit!


  1. WOW!!!!! Amazing work!!!
    You are very creative:)

  2. Super cute, Lauren! Neat how you & your sister have similar last names. I think this is even a lovely way to display her business cards on her desk. I have a paper purse that holds my business cards that I keep in my actual purse, but it is so beat up and falling apart (it's in my purse…a lot happens in there!)

  3. YOU are just TOO clever Miss L ... this is terrific!!

  4. Love this!! How cute is that purse. What a great idea for it. I love the inside and butterfly the most. So cute!!You've been doing up the altered projects with a bang. Lovely!

  5. How cute and FAB is this?! LOVE it!

  6. This is just way too pretty... that shade of pink is gorgeous. Love the blossoms and the monograming... oh wow! It's not fair you get it have the June kit before me... can't wait!!!!

  7. SO SO cute!!!
    I took a peek at your sister's site, hmmm.... still trying to think if you two look alike...


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