Thursday, June 2, 2011

are these the worst pics EVER??!?!

yeah, possibly. (sorry!)

my justification/excuse is: banners are HARD to photograph at the best of times! add to that the total absence of a 6 foot stretch of straight, unadorned wall in my house; and the fact that i brilliantly waited until 9pm on the night before i needed to mail this thing. so yeah--the pictures *STINK* but please allow me the vanity of saying that irl, this is an adorable project and not even terribly difficult to make; and although there's quite a bit of cutting, it's not particularly fussy. you may recall i made a similar project for nephew matthew in the fall, and this is roughly the same procedure, but i'll re-cap.

for my "paper piecing" patterns i used a digital set called kiddie conveyance from designer digitals, which sadly seems to have gone out of print, but you could use any set of digital vehicles, or even an iron-on pattern or a coloring book! the important thing is to find some not-too-complicated cars and trucks you like, and format them to a good "banner size" (mine range from 3" to 6" wide; the tallest is about 5"). i printed them onto plain cardstock which i used to cut the pieces from my patterned papers.

when i had all the bases put together it was time to embellish: i used varying sizes of circle punch for wheels, with brads and epoxies for hubcabs.

i used some old basic grey chipboard monograms to spell carlos' name; each has had a couple of quick coats of black acrylic craft paint with glossy sealer on top.

this "banner" is actually a little bit of a cheat: because i elected to use all different sizes and shapes of car, there is not a natural "balance" that lets it hang properly from the ribbon to which i have sturdily hot glued it by sandwiching the patterned cards with plain black cardstock backs. if you want a "real" banner, choose one car, cut out as many as you need to spell the child's name, and affix a letter to each!

in this case, i just informed carlos' mom of the "design flaw" and sent along a pack of aileen's craft tack to stabilize each letter when she hangs it on his wall! :)

and now, having reached the end of the banner, coincidentally, my post is done, too. nice how that worked out, isn't it?



  1. Another amazing project... can't imagine how your mind comes up with this stuff. This is adorable and I'm sure Carlos will think you're the greatest!

  2. happy thursday! LOVE the new banner...sooooo fun!

  3. Nah, definitely not the worst pics ever…maybe for you, but not the rest of us :)

    I just pulled out these very BG sets last night trying to come up with a cute card for dhDH. Today is his half birthday, and I thought it would be fun to make him a cute card :) He is 44.5yo today LOL. I still am stuck on what to make him, but I love your Carlos train! Of course I also loved the Matthew banner too.

  4. Such a darling banner! LOVE it!

  5. Just as cute as the original... well, *almost* as cute! :)


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